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Summer Skincare Essentials by The Moms Co.

Summer Skincare Essentials by The Moms Co.

Summers are just around the corner, and with it are multiple challenges for our dynamic skin. As we step out, we are facing the harsh summer sun and heat and our skin requires gentle protection and care. To ensure your skin is sheltered against any form of sun damage you can opt for a range of summer-friendly products by The Moms Co. These clean, toxin-free products from India’s fastest growing mother and baby care brand, The Moms Co., will guarantee complete protection and nourishment to your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing throughout.

For Skincare in Summer

Natural Clay Face kit: Ideal for all skin types, the Natural Clay Deep Purifying Wash with Moroccan Lava, Kaolin and Fuller’s Earth clay, Activated Charcoal, and Natural AHAs gently cleans the pores by removing extra sebum, dust & impurities. Witch Hazel, Cucumber Extract, Bentonite and Shea Butter removes dirt caused by excess sweating and stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes, and blackheads and leaves the skin looking clean, radiant, and matte.

Price- INR 1,299

Mineral Based Sunscreen: The Mineral-Based Sunscreen with SPF 50+ shields your skin from the sun’s harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, protecting the skin against sunburn and skin damage. Unlike other sunscreens, which can get washed off if you sweat, it’s waterproof formula guarantees a resistant layer against sweat and water. Composed of a toxin-free combination of Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and four powerful oils that nourish the skin from deep within reducing the chances of skin coloration, unwanted sunspots, and pigmentation.

Price- INR 474

Natural Vita Rich Face Serum: This Natural Vita Rich Face Serum, containing Vitamin C and Soybean Phospholipids, leaves the skin fresh and glowing by deep penetration and hydration. A perfect solution to uneven skin tone and pigmentation, The hyaluronic acid content is an effective skin-restoring agent improving skin’s pigmentation. It also reduces fine lines through nourishment from the rich Kakadu plum extract. For best results, 1-2drops of the face serum should be gently massaged over the face and neck in circular motions. Carry on the radiant look all through the day with The Moms Co’s, Vita Rich Face Serum.

Price- INR 699

Natural Soothing Relief Wash: Clinically proven mild, the Natural Soothing Relief Wash with Colloidal Oat Meal, Calendula Oil and Aloe Vera Gel, is tested for Sensitive or Eczema Prone Skin. Made from a creamy, coconut rich formula this soap-free formula is created for those with gentle, rash prone skin. The gentle bath wash relieves your skin of heat burns while maintaining its natural moisture levels. With natural ingredients like Colloidal Oatmeal, Calendula Oil and Organic Aloe Vera Gel which maintain a 24hour moisture level for dry skin types.

Price- INR 599

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Natural Mosquito Repellent: This spray is special protection for your little ones. The Natural Mosquito Repellent,

It is a perfect combination of different oils to repel mosquitoes, keeping your child safe from dangerous diseases. Free of synthetic agents which can cause irritation to delicate skin, and pose negative effects for children and pregnant women, the Moms Co mosquito repellant, uses 100% bug repellent Citronella oil. Its protection works up to 4 hours and is completely alcohol-free, working effectively on your child’s gentle skin.

Price- INR 348

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