• Signs of Vitamin K Deficiency!

    Signs of Vitamin K Deficiency!

    We all know about the importance of vitamins required for our body. Below is a guide to know more about Vitamin K and the several symptoms that caused due to low levels of vitamin K. Blood thinning: Vitamin K plays a vital role in the formation of blood clots....
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    Demonetisation State mourning and Furious Nature-Bye bye 2016

    Few thoughts on coping while waiting in hope December the month of Festivals in Chennai does’nt seem to get started…reason from man made to nature unleashing worst cyclone in two decades. Demonetisation Cash strapped while you still have resources as a recent joke that was making rounds ‘You are...
  • Red-rice

    The Goodness of Red Rice

    Red Rice is a kind of rice that is coloured red by its anthocyanin content and has a nutty flavour.  It has the most nutritional value compared to other types of rich and is ten times richer in fibre.  It also takes much more time to cook, has ten...