• Sonakshi is hurt!

    Sonakshi is hurt!

    Sonakshi is hurt! Sonakshi Sinha is spotted at a screening program wearing an orthopedic hand brace this Tuesday. Really a hectic schedule seems to be taking a clang on Sonakshi Sinha. On Tuesday night, she arrived for a screening of her latest outing, ‘Noor’, at a suburban preview theatre, wearing...
  • Stop labelling movies as 'women centric': Sonakshi

    Stop labelling movies as ‘women centric’: Sonakshi

    Actress Sonakshi Sinha says it’s time people stop calling movies with a female protagonist as ‘women-centric’ as it takes away the essence of the project. The 29-year-old actress feels the gender of the protagonist shouldn’t determine the kind of film one is making. ‘I really want people to stop...