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  • Road Trips from Jaipur - the Pink City!

    Road Trips from Jaipur – the Pink City!

    Jaipur holds a share of magnificent forts and a multitude of other such places. Though going on a road trip from the pink city falls into a wholly different category. So if you love taking a road journey to one of those favourite destinations of yours, here is a...
  • queenofbanaras

    Versha Sethi showcased “Queen of Banaras” collection in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Doha

    The show was beautifully choreographed by Lokesh Sharma of Jaipur. Older than history, older than traditions and even older than any other legend princesses introducing “Queen of Banaras” collection. Jaipur based fashion designer Versha Sethi,  who was also the sole designer who presented her collection “Queen of Banaras” at the “Mercedes Benz Fashion...