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The Secret of Choosing The Perfect Earrings For Your Face shape

The Secret of Choosing The Perfect Earrings For Your Face shape

Look fab by wearing the right earrings according to your face shape this not only a great way to compliment your natural beauty, and also wearing the right earrings can be flattering and define your features. To find out your face shape, pull back your hair and in a mirror, trace your face’s outline using soap or lipstick.

Oval Face

Your forehead is not too wide and the line from your forehead blends with your high cheekbones. Your face may narrow slightly to a rounded chin.


Wear long, dangle, drop or chandelier earrings that are thinner at the top and widen as they get longer. This shape helps to fill out the lower area of your face and give an elegant look. Fortunately, oval faces have incredible versatility in what they can wear, so have fun experimenting!

Round Face

Your cheeks have a rounder shape and your face takes an overall circular form with more of your face near your ears than toward the top and bottom of your head.


Here you want to elongate your face by wearing long, dangle, drop or chandelier earrings. Say no to disc-shaped earrings, instead choose geometric designs.


Your forehead is wider than your cheeks and your face narrows toward your chin.


Long, dangle drops and chandeliers that end at or above the chin would suit this face shape. This earring shape helps to focus on and widen the mouth area.


The width of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline will be similar.


Studs, mid-length drops & long slim elegant shapes are best for this face shape. Solid is not for this face type, for example, chose earrings with many small stones rather than those with one large shape or stone.

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Face’s most defining characteristic is its length, with not as much emphasis on the width of your forehead or cheeks.


Earrings with lots of volumes work well. For a different look, short dangles and pearls are also flattering as they help to draw the eye across your face horizontally.


Forehead and chin are narrower than your cheekbones.


Long and elegant drops that fall gently, an example would be a multi stone drop earring. This earring shape will help to fill the area around the lower jaw and draw attention to the mouth. A combination of curves and straight lines are also flattering, as are earrings with delicate drops.

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