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This Father’s Day set a date for your real-life hero to meet your reel life heroes

This Father’s Day set a date for your real-life hero to meet your reel life heroes

Our fathers make great sacrifices for us but are rarely in the spotlight for all that they do. This Father’s Day why not spend some quality time with ‘DaddyDear’ to show him just how much he means. Instead of elaborate grand gestures, indulge him with something as simple as a movie marathon with some warm popcorn to make your old man happy!

So keep tears at bay and enjoy some action-packed superhero films with your real-life superhero on Flipkart Video, to show him exactly how his brave moves and invisible powers have done great good in your own life.

  1. Singham returns
    Bajirao Singham returns as a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Mumbai who is on a quest to bring about justice in the country and is here to save the day with some great dialogue deliveries and the iconic Ata majhisatakli. The movie is great to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your dad.
    Watch Singham Returns on Flipkart Video –
  2. Dabangg 2

Watch the amazing chronicles of Chulbul ‘Robin Hood’ Pandey and facets of his nonchalance, wry sense of humor, tongue-in-cheek dialogues, and of course saving the society one day at a time.

Watch Dabangg 2 on Flipkart Video –

  1. Krrish 3

Power duo, Krrish, and his father must fight human-animal mutants to put an end to the evil genius, Kaal’s plans to destroy the world. Watch them save the world with their courage and intelligence.

Watch Krrish 3 on Flipkart Video –

  1. One

After facing criticism from his son and boss, Shekhar, a gaming programmer, creates an indestructible virtual character called Ra.One. Soon Ra. One enters the real world and kills Shekhar. Hence begins his son’s quest to make things right with his father.

Watch Ra. One on Flipkart Video – 

See Also

  1. Ferrari Ki Sawari

A heartening tale of a father, grandfather, and a son and their beautiful, loving relationship. The story portrays the lengths the father goes to just to fulfill his son’s dream.

Watch Ferrari Ki Sawaari on Flipkart Video –

  1. Baap re Baap
    A story of a young man in love, an overprotective family, and his wishes that the family opposes. Enjoy this tale of love that truly tells us that all your parents want is for their child to be happy.
    Watch Baap Re Baap on Flipkart Video –
  1. Gandhi my Father

While Gandhi was hailed as the father of the nation, his son Harilal always resented the fact. But rather than forgiving his father, Harilalchose to tread the path that is completely against his father’s principles. The movie paints the picture of Gandhi’s intricate, complex, and strained relationship with his son Harilal Gandhi.

Watch Gandhi, My Father, on Flipkart Video –

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