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This week ‘Ghar Ko Banao Stage’ with Flipkart Video’s ‘Entertainer No. 1’

This week ‘Ghar Ko Banao Stage’ with Flipkart Video’s ‘Entertainer No. 1’

~Tune in to Entertainer No. 1 on the Flipkart app and check out the winners from week 2~

Have balancing household chores with work become the new norm? Have the broom and mop become your new friends? Flipkart Video’s Entertainer No. 1 encourages you to give this a fun take and make the house your stage! With the theme for week 3 – ‘Ghar Ko Banao Stage’, you can ‘prop’ a performance with anything available at home and entertain audiences with your smooth moves. Come participate in Flipkart Video’s Entertainer No. 1 for a chance to win big.

The show aims to give people a platform to showcase their talent, while encouraging social distancing and is curated with the intention to cheer up India during this difficult time. As part of this week’s theme, users can upload videos by getting creative with props at home like from the bathroom, kitchen or even your phone. Get going with your at-home props and wow the judges!

To participate, record your performance directly under the ‘video’ section on the Flipkart app. The app has a large library of songs and dialogues to choose from. Over a period of 8 weeks, the show will consist of diverse weekly challenges. The show introduces a new theme every Sunday night, in a quest to find India’s most talented entertainers from home. Top entries for each week will be announced every Monday with the most popular entries moving on to the next round, for a chance to win exciting prizes. The show is open to participants over 13 years of age (allowing minors to participate under supervision), and people can showcase their talent with no bar on gender or geography.

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Promising entertainers have already started uploading their videos, and if you too want to participate, the steps are as easy as buying something from Flipkart!

  • Update the Flipkart App to the latest version and open the app.
  • Tap on the Video button at the bottom.
  • Select the show Entertainer No. 1 and participate.
  • Choose your favourite song or dialogue from the library.
  • Record and submit your entries.
  • And share it with your friends and family to collect maximum hearts

Tune into the Flipkart app now to find out more and don’t miss out on your chance to become India’s Entertainer No. 1! If you’re not an entertainer, don’t worry! Your vote counts! You can still enjoy the spectacular performances on Entertainer No 1, and also decide who gets to be India’s Entertainer No 1!

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