3 Things You Should Never Miss When You Stop by Thiruvarur

Located in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, the sky-high towered temples and idyllic scenes of Thiruvarur satiate the traveller’s hunger. The river Odampokki flows serenely in the middle of the town adding beauty to the ancient town. Thiruvarur is known to be the birthplace of the Trinity of Carnatic Music, Tyargarja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri. Famously known to be one of the five traditional capitals of the Chola Empire, Thiruvarur has a rich history inhabited. Tourism or travelling to a place does not always mean overseas but it is also about witnessing and consuming knowledge about our Motherland.

Similarly, Thiruvarur imparts a distinct experience through the richness of its history and evergreen paddy fields. Being the home of the famous sky-high towered temple – Thyagaraja Temple, the town spreads the divine aroma. South India manifests a tremendous experience of travelling with its beauty, tradition and picturesque scenes. And one should never miss the travelling enhancement of Thiruvarur. In this article, we are giving you 3 things you should never miss when you stop by the town.


Thyagaraja Temple

The majestically beautiful and embellished sky-high tower of Thyagaraja Temple attracts not only Hindu devotees but also travellers in common. The temple stands distinct in numerous ways. Be it the architectural structure or the divine experience, each seems to be a distinct touch of your soul. The large spread temple – Thyagaraja temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the ancient temples in Tamil Nadu. The temple is famously known for its chariot festival with the chariot weighing 360 tonnes and 96 feet tall. It is the largest temple chariot in India and April is the right time to visit the town as the festival takes place in this month. The temple offers a never-before walking tour to breathe the ancient breeze.

Chariot festival

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Hotel Vasan

When you have a tour-roam in the streets of Thiruvarur, of course, you will have to recharge your body. It is obvious that you may hunt for the place that serves the luscious foods in the town. Well, we are here with the best suggestion – Hotel Vasan located in the main area of the town that has been serving for over 30 years. The hotel serves right from early morning 5 am to 10 pm. The early morning menu is something you have got to know- Sweet Idiyappam, steaming Idlies paired with sambar and chutneys, and Poori with masala. The above-mentioned breakfasts are palatable in taste that will forever remain in your taste buds. When it comes to lunch, you may expect more but they serve delectable meals at just 90 rs/- Again, the taste matters with its sambar, rasam and vegetable side dishes. It imparts the traditional Tamil Nadu-wedding food taste.

Hotel Vasan Thiruvarur

Coming to dinner, you have different types of dosas, roll chappathis, parotta varieties, uthappam, idly, and many more. Amongst, Masala Parotta is highly recommended to order as it is stuffed with vegetables and not too hard to chew. Never miss trying it out in this town. Hotel Vasan satiates your hunger thereby recharging your tired body.



When you are done with your food, you can go for a walking tour throughout the busy market road. You can witness different shops which are flamboyant on both sides of the road. Little shops, food mess, fresh vegetable and fruit shops and textile shops. Walking through the streets may help you understand the town and embrace the feeling of exploring a new place.

Apart from the temple visit, you may have a walking tour throughout the town and so may get to know about the lifestyle of the locals. And you become a travel guide to your friends or family next time who are there for the first time. We know it happens every time.

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