4 Unique Stays in India You may not know They Exist

Travelling and chilling with your gang makes your life perfect. The entire holiday is a vibe when you stay in an amazing place. Your holidays and vacations will be satiating only when your stays are amazing and comfy with a mind-blowing ambience. Travelling has become an essential part of life as it rejuvenates your soul and body thoroughly for rough days to come. When it comes to exploring a new place, you browse for hotels and resorts to make your stay cool over there. However, you are missing certain little things which come with treasurable memories and an awestruck ambience. So, we are with 4 unique stays in India you may not know exist. Add the following ‘4 unique stays in India you may not know exist to your bucket list’ as it may help you next time. Continue reading. . .


Saj By The Lake proffers the ‘never before’ stay experience. The stay over here itself gives a free trip to the countryside of the Malshej. Built with catchy red brick which is inspired by the villages, this unique place provides cosy rooms to cuddle with your bed and have fun with your friends. The most splendid part of the stay is that the rooms provide fantastic views of the adjacent lake, the hills encircling it and the red-brick village. You know this is the place you yearned for when you check in.

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Pondicherry’s Auroville welcomes thousands of visitors with lushness and uniqueness. Famously known as the French colonial area, Pondicherry treasures a lot more than you dig on its surface. Keeth House is one of the unique stays of India located in lush Auroville. The bricked walls, aesthetic furniture, lamps, the shower by the side of teeming greenery and the open balcony amidst the lushness astound you. The beauty of the Keeth House stay is that it is surrounded by greenery and you blend with nature. Above all, it may give the tree-house experience.


When it comes to Coorg, you cannot stop screaming, right? Well, the hilly region and misty ambience of Coorg is popularly known to be “Scotland of India”. The most loved tourist spot of India is inhabited with numerous stays to chill and have fun. However, Coorg’s Treebo Trend Cottage offers the best view of the hilly region with lush trees. The glass doors of the balcony lead to an awesome view of the region. Pushing the screens aside, you feel as if you are distant from the outside world. For the first time, you will be happy for being lost somewhere amidst the greenery.


The dreamy place you can ever dwell in. The place infuses the aesthetic vibe with furniture and the designs of the curtain. As the name suggests, this unique place is situated amidst the wilderness and you can dine under the stars. It provides thrilling jungle camps and safaris as Ranthambore is known for its wild beauty. Moreover, you can enjoy the rich taste of Rajasthani foods and have a happy stay under the stars.

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