6 Romantic Things to do in Paris

It goes without saying that couples can find plenty of romantic activities in Paris. Nearly every corner of the city exudes romance. Paris is a city for those in love, from the quaint sidewalk cafes where couples sit holding hands and watch bystanders to the secret gardens and vibrant laneways brimming with secret gems to explore. These are by far the most romantic things to do in Paris for couples, so whether you’re looking for Paris honeymoon ideas or planning the most romantic Paris getaway, you’ll want to add them to your bucket list.

Romantic things to do in Paris:
Enjoy the panorama from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Unquestionably, one of the most romantic locations on earth is the Eiffel Tower. Take your partner on a romantic night out in the City of Light by whisking them to the top as a surprise. Visit in the evening for the most romantic views, or go early in the day when there will be more room for you to enjoy a special moment while watching the city move beneath your feet. However, a long line can definitely ruin the romantic ambience, so we highly advise purchasing the tickets beforehand to skip the line.

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Have a picnic in the park

Paris offers the perfect setting for an out-of-the-ordinary, romantic picnic with its abundance of gourmet food marketplaces and lovely parks. Pick up all the supplies you’ll need for your picnic at the Marché Saxe-Breteuil in the 7th arrondissement or the Pont de l’Alma Market in the 16th arrondissement. The finest and freshest gourmet goods from all over France are available in these enormous markets. When you have the materials needed, you can dine al fresco in the Champ de Mars Park beneath the Eiffel Tower or in the lovely Luxembourg Gardens amid the statues, fountains, and flowers.

Take in the breathtaking views along the Seine

On a sunset boat trip down the River Seine, explore while enjoying romance and relaxation. As the sun descends below the horizon, you will see Paris turn into a sparkling City of Light as you travel through the centre of the French capital. Take pictures of the city’s most iconic structures, like the Eiffel Tower as well as Notre Dame Cathedral, or just sit back and take it all in. Reserve a dinner or champagne on the sunset boat ride for more romance.

Go to the Louvre Museum

Visiting a museum is one of the romantic activities you can do in Paris during the winter. The museums often have no lines and occasionally no admission fees during the winter, in addition to having stunning architecture. In addition to being among the best and largest art museums in the world, Louvre is also among the best. It is simply not possible to see all 35,000 exhibits in one visit, so make a list of the ones that you think the two of you will find interesting. You two might enjoy viewing certain exhibits, such as the Winged Victory Samothrace Statue, the Psyche Resurrected by Cupid’s Kiss Statue, or even Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Painting.

Make time for Hot Chocolate à Paris

Taking a break for hot chocolate is another romantic activity in Paris. Put on your best clothes, head out like a local, and enjoy a hot chocolate at one of Paris’ renowned cafés or tea shops. As you savour the decadently chocolate beverage, indulge in a variety of mouthwatering pastries. After a day of sightseeing, people can relax and spend time with one another in the cafes’ elegant settings.

Lose yourself in Paris’s Historical Gardens

The Tuileries Garden is a great place to unwind with your partner and spend quality time together. This garden served as one of the primary eyewitnesses to French history. After being returned to the palace of Versailles by the revolutionaries during the rebellion of 1789, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette sought refuge there. Take your significant other on a journey through the lovely Tuileries Garden, where you’ll see lush green lawns, imposing statues, and a rainbow of colours. The next stop on the tour is the gardens of the Palais Royal, which have fountains, flowerbeds, and walkways shaded by trees and seem to have been designed specifically for an enchanted stroll.

Get up and embark on an adventure in this stunning city with your loved one, and make this Paris getaway one of the experiences you will forever want to reflect on. When you do it, be sure to share the details of your romantic adventure with us.

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