A Perfect Summer Trip: Kerala’s Kadalpalam Thalassery

Kerala has long been regarded as one of India’s most beautiful tourist attractions. While Kerala as a whole is not an undervalued tourist destination, there are several spots that provide amazing sights and experiences but are underappreciated. This post will highlight one of those areas in Kerala that are ideal for a summer vacation. If you haven’t already guessed, the location we’ll be exploring in this post is Kadalpalam Thalassery.

Thalassery is a lovely and picturesque town in Kerala that is progressively gaining recognition. Many people have become aware of this wonderful town abounding with scenic vistas all around in recent years. Thalassery, like many other towns in Kerala, is an ideal place to spend the summer and make amazing memories. Continue reading if it sounds appealing. We’ll go over all you need to know about this little yet charming village in Kerala.

Kadalpalam Thalassery: Details and location

Thalassery has some of Kerala’s most stunning beaches. However, beaches aren’t the only thing to see in this town. This location features stunning orange-coloured cliffs, backwater lagoons, and tranquil parks that you can explore whenever you like. Thalassery has been designated as a heritage city by the Kerala government. This signifies that Thalassery is a historic Indian location that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

Kadalpalam Thalassery is located in Kerala’s famed northern region. Pondicherry is south of Thalassery, while Coorg, another famous summer destination in India, is to the east.

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Where to stay in Thalassery?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to stay in Thalassery for you to browse.

Hotel Victoria

Hotel Victoria is one of the best-rated hotels in Thalassery for a variety of reasons. The cost of this stay begins at INR 1,800 per day for two individuals. This hotel offers free breakfast to all guests, as well as a variety of additional services that you will like.

White Shell Beach Resort & Spa

Another notable spot to stay while in Thalassery is the White Shell Beach Resort and Spa. On request, you can obtain free breakfast, wifi, and a variety of other amenities. This hotel’s rates start at INR 1,600 per day for two adults.

Beach ‘n’ Bay Resorts

Because of its outstanding facilities and environment, this hotel will always be in high demand. To acquire good accommodation, you’ll need to book as far ahead as possible. This hotel’s rates begin at INR 2000 per day for two adults. The establishment offers all of the services and facilities that you would expect from a hotel.

Places to visit in Thalassery:
Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

This beach is known as Asia’s largest drive-in beach. And, in case you didn’t know, this is India’s only drive-in beach. Aside from a wonderful driving experience on beach sand, the beach looks spectacular once the sun begins to drop. As a result, the best time to visit this location is during sunrise or sunset.

Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is a must-see before or after visiting Muzhappilangad drive-in beach. It’s not far from the drive-in beach and is well worth a visit if you’re seeking some peace and quiet during your summer trip.

The Thalassery Fort

The Thalassery Fort is unquestionably a must-see during your time in Thalassery. If you decide to visit this prominent location, you will be able to learn about the lovely and fascinating history of Thalassery.

The Thalassery pier

Kadalpalam Thalassery is another name for the Thalassery Pier. As a result, this beautiful location has a well-known name. This location was once a component of the Thalassery port. It was built by the British and is today regarded as one of the nicest spots in India to go for a walk and ponder about anything.

How to reach Thalassery?

This small but wonderful location is easily accessible by train. There are numerous direct trains to Thalassery railway station, so you won’t have to bother about switching modes. By train, you can get to Thalassery from virtually any place.

Have you ever been to Thallassery, India’s most gorgeous destination? If so, how was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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