Enthralling Indian Places to Visit During November

Oh Yeah! November is filled with glimpses of the upcoming winter month. The days of the eleventh-month proffer you splashes of cherishing memories with every drop. October, November, and December are the months, that sprinkle the ecstasy. All these months have been muffled with festive essences and holiday moods. When it comes to travel to places during November days, our India boasts stupendously heartwarming places to visit. Here is the list of winter-visiting places, which could be of a meagre budget. Make a note of the following enthralling Indian places to visit during November.

Exuberant Pondicherry:

Reaching Pondicherry is ultimately an easy-peasy thing from Chennai. The French colonial influence could be an undeniable one. The then-called Pondicherry, Puducherry is a blend of blue and green ambience which makes it a perfect place to visit during November. Not only Chennaites but also people from other states throng to this beautiful place as it is a Mini-France. Especially, White Town is truly an essence of French Colonization that you should never miss. Guess What? Spending time at this beachy place requires only a shoestring budget.

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Reposeful Tarkali:

The white and clear water destination is otherwise known as Tarkali. Being inhabited by white sand beaches, Tarkali is a serene village situated in Maharashtra. The clear water is the home for active dolphins which could be spotted if you are lucky enough. More to the delight, you could enjoy the backwaters boat ride, serene lake and a massively flamboyant lake by the beachside. You can spend your valuable time over here and journal your awesome days spend here low budget. Tarkali has so much to amaze you!

God’s Own Alleppey:

Being labelled as “The Venice of India”, Alleppey is known to be the cut-rate destination to enjoy the fantastic winter season. You could hire a houseboat to feel one amongst the Green Mother and you can also enjoy the merry ride at the backwaters. In addition to this, you could binge-eat seafood with rich coconut flavour which is the distinct taste of the state. Overall, Kerala embraces each soul with its lullaby water, lush ambience, captivating boathouse and scrumptious food. Nature’s feast is here to satiate you, The southern part of INDIA is at its best though!

Placid Nainital:

Want to spend some time away from annoying horns and other bustling city life? Nainital is calling you. The place is clearly inhabited by houses and snow-clad mountains along with the tranquil lake. Well, Nainital is the perfect place should add to your November Bucket list. A tranquil walk into the woods and an awe-struck panoramic view from Lover’s Point could make the place worthy enough. Shopping here would take you to the colourful Mall Road. Nainital is now a nature’s gift hamper for you!

Lovey-dovey Shimla:

The best of all hills or the Queen of the hills, Shimla is an ideal whitish place to be visited in November. The Whitish place here refers to both the peacefulness and snowy ambience as well. Be it with your friends or family members, this place never ceases to amaze you and just transfigures you into children. You can enjoy snowfall throughout the days of November. Grab your warm clothes and spend the rest of your November just being here on a cut-price budget.

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