How to Travel Safely During Summer Rains?

Summertime means visiting places with cooler climates. And visiting cooler locations, such as a hill station, may result in unexpected summer rains. Because the hill stations receive regular rain even in the summer, unlike us urban dwellers. So, what are your options? Do you pack as if you’re going on a monsoon vacation? That isn’t necessary. There are a few things that would need to be changed. Therefore, read on if you’re planning a trip to a location where summer rains are common wondering how to travel safely during summer rains. We’ll look at some safe travel options and everything you’ll need to know.

How to travel safely during Summer Rains:
Keep to your summer-friendly attire, but also carry some rainy-day necessities

We’re not suggesting you overpack. Simply include all of your usual summer-appropriate clothing in your bag. However, there are also some necessities for rainy days. Some of those items would be your own raincoat, an umbrella, and some luggage or backpack covers. Electronics will undoubtedly be scattered throughout your pockets and bag. So your top priority should be to keep them safe. That is why you should have these items on hand while travelling this summer.

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Never forget to check the weather

Three to five days before the planned departure date, depending on the purpose of your trip, check the forecast. In the summer, most people only visit hill stations for vacation. So, every now and then, spend some time checking the weather forecast for your vacation destination. In this way, you can change any plans you might have made that might conflict with the weather before you get there. It can save you a lot of headaches and frustration, and it allows you to enjoy your days off more easily.

Keep essential medications on hand

This one should go without saying. However, we’re not just referring to any prescription medications you might regularly take. People can easily become ill during the first summer rains. So it’s a good idea to keep some antibiotics on hand in case you get sick after a rainstorm. Because the worst possible scenario for anyone is probably getting sick or having their period while on vacation. Although women seem to experience the latter more frequently anyway. So be sure to gather a few of the best antibiotics that work for you and pack them in your bag.

Avoid consuming an excessive amount of street food

Avoid consuming an excessive amount of street food

Yes, it is nearly impossible to avoid eating from a street vendor in India. Especially when on vacation. So we’re not going to tell you that you shouldn’t eat street food. However, try to keep it to a minimum. The reason for this has nothing to do with the summer rains. However, safety also entails keeping your health in check. So, if you eat almost all of your food from a street vendor while on vacation, you’re likely to get sick. And getting sick with digestive or vomiting problems can really ruin your vacation mood. So, try to find the most sanitary location and avoid eating there on a daily basis.

Create an emergency kit

Summer rains rarely last long enough for you to become stranded somewhere. But it’s always better to be prepared than not to be prepared. So make a list of everything you’ll need if you get stuck somewhere you’ve just visited. Purchase all of these and keep them in a small bag in your backpack. Some essential items include an extra power bank, extra charger wire, a notebook with local information, and so on. If you get hungry quickly, don’t be reluctant to pack some snacks as well. It simply must have everything you require in case you become lost in an unfamiliar area.

That about sums up everything you need to know about travelling during summer rains. You should always carry an umbrella with you to keep yourself away from the sun. This is also helpful for unexpected rains. So never, ever forget an umbrella.

Are you planning on travelling somewhere cool this Summer? If yes, let us know where! Also, don’t forget to tell us what are some essential things you always have in your backpack as well. Because who knows, it could really help someone in need!

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