The Brighter Side of The Lock down You Never Realized



While we are frustrated about the extension of the lockdown, we forget to note the positive impacts of the lockdown in our life. For months, we are in home-quarantine which makes us stay indoors and go out for necessary things. We could not hang out with our friends or families as we are in the state of protecting the country from the disease. This would make us feel low and we are yearning to meet people and go out into the woods or riding crazily.  So, we have been forgetting to see behind the other side of the curtains. There are several ways the lockdown has been helping you in the betterment of life. Here is how it has positive impacts on our lives.

CONSUMING HOME-COOKED FOODS: We gotta talk about this as we are all turning our heads to home-cooked healthy foods. Since several restaurants and delivery services have been stopped, we have to cook at home even if it is an easy dish. Even we are too cautious about avoiding outside foods and to prevent getting infected by COVID -19. This is we are now turned towards home-cooked food. At home, we used cook usually with less oil, fresh ingredients, and a healthier choice of veggies which thus make home-made dishes the best for the health.

WORKOUT SESSION: Well, we gotta accept this fact that many people have been involving in workout sessions as they are worried about gaining weight. However, people are more innovative in trying out yoga, meditation, and even Zumba sessions at home. Some are even involving their family members in it and planning for family workout sessions which would be completely fun and healthy.

INDULGING IN-HOME CHORES: Our help is needed at housework too! You might be of any age group but you could have to do some of the housework by yourself.  As we are staying at home, we are spending most of our time indoors which would kindle us to involve in cleaning the home or helping our loved ones in the kitchen to prepare food. You could involve in activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and cleaning which would thus help you to concentrate and make you active and even burn extra calories.  Do remember that our parents and grandparents have better body health because they did several works and eat healthily which thus provide them a healthy body. But think about this generation of youngsters and children, they have to involve in such things.

QUALITY TIME WITH FAMILY: What else you go could ask for? This is what we all are craving for all these days, right? Most of the children and youngsters with their parents to be at home when they come back from schools or colleges and would like to spend time with them. Similarly, working mothers are hankering to spend time with their children and wish to prepare their favorite foods and snacks at home, but they could not. Now, you all should grab this opportunity as we are all at home. Just have fun family time together by playing board games or cooking meals or cleaning the house together. This is a perfect time and this would alleviate stress and enhance the mental health for every one of the family.

HEALTHY AND BETTER SNOOZING TIME: A period where you do not wanna wake up early and get ready for work or getting the kids ready for the school on time and so you could all sleep better and a little extra. This means if you are sleeping for 6 hours all these days, you could now add an hour to it and this would impact your health. As you do not wanna go out for work and come home tired and late, you could sleep earlier and wake up earlier which would provide sound health.

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