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What Savasana can do for your health?

What Savasana can do for your health?

Savasana is a Sanskrit word in which ‘sava’ stands for the meaning corpse and ‘asana’ stands for the meaning pose. Savasana is one of the yogic poses and it is otherwise known as the ‘sleeping pose’. This corpse pose is extremely important and beneficial for your body. It is always good for you to practice this pose after work or any time of the day. It is usually practiced at the end of the active yoga session. As in truth, the real aim and purpose of this particular yoga pose are that it will help you to relax your mind and body completely and not to make you fall asleep. When you are lying down exactly in this corpse position, you will experience what is really the word ‘serenity’ feels like! It has multiple benefits and extremely positive impacts on your body.

Steps to do Savasana:

First of all, Lie flat on your back without a pillow and your feet apart. Your arms should be little away from your stomach and your palms placed upward.

Now close your eyes and focus only on yourself. Concentrate on your breathing pattern and be aware of your surroundings but do not let it distract you.

Concentrate on each and every cell of your body from head to toe and so it will lose the compressed tension. So, now breathe in deeply the energy repeatedly for at least 10 to 15 minutes. By doing this, you will exhale the stress, anxiety, and depression.

You should keep one essential thing in your mind that concentration is the key factor in Savasana. You should then focus on your inner-state and eventually, it will provide all the benefits your body needs.

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Top benefits of Savasana:

Yoga is something that helps you when you are emotionally broken and it is the helping hand in building up your health. It repairs the damages you have caused to your health by not paying attention to yourself.

  1. In order to be mentally stable, the doctor or psychologist will try their best but it only works when you are willing to take care of yourself. At first step, it gets rid of insomnia, stress, fatigue, anxiety, anger or any other negative impacts you really wanted to vanish from your body. This type of asana also helps you to get out worldly depression and tensions.
  2. While doing this asana, you will concentrate on your breathing process. This process will help you to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is known as your resting and digestive response.
  3. This asana also helps you in improving your memory and also build the concentrating ability to the next level. Restoring your energy is one of the quintessence things you have to do. It helps you to restore the energy and makes you palpable of freshness within you.
  4. The Corpse Pose will cent percent relax your body muscles and it reduces the blood pressure as well.
  5. It will help you in entering an intense meditative state of mind. Thereby, it repairs your tissues, which will further help you in your proper body function.

How do you feel when you realize that you’re instilled with positive energy? Start practicing Savasana and make yourself awake!

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