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4 Effective Home Remedies Every Woman Should Know To Treat PCOS

4 Effective Home Remedies Every Woman Should Know To Treat PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is something that is associated with women’s bodies. In this condition, there would be the development of small cysts in a woman’s ovaries.  When there are multiple cysts on the ovaries, it would lead to excessive hormone production particularly androgen, which thus leads to male tendencies both internally and externally. However, the symptoms of PCOS would differ from person to person. While some experienced facial or body hair, others might lose hair. Some might even feel sluggish, experience acne and mood swings, and others would suffer from irregular periods. Even many would gain weight and struggle to lose it. As of now, people are seeking natural remedies to treat PCOS and maintain good health. Though it tends to recur in patients, you could not stress with it but remember to consume healthy foods and maintain a healthy body. So, here are a few simple and effective home remedies to treat PCOS and control its symptoms.

GO FOR HEALTHY DIET: Since food is considered to be the real medicine, you could overcome any health issues. All you have to do is to eat at the right time and ensure to stick on it. Try to avoid junky foods and curb your hankerings for sweets and snacks. You could fibrous foods in your diets such as brown rice and whole wheat bread and it is good to avoid dairy products as well. Additionally, consume amla juice which would help you to maintain the blood sugar levels as PCOS would get you with high insulin levels.

DO EXERCISE REGULARLY: PCOS might put on your weight but you would find it difficult to lose it. But when you go for a walk or gym regularly, it would provide you the effective results. Concentrate more on your belly and this would reduce your fat but only when you do it regularly. This would in turn help you to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing.

TRY TO HAVE STABLE OVULATION CYCLE: The major complaint of women with PCOS is the irregular menstrual cycle. It would also make the pregnancy difficult. However, maintaining a regular and stable ovulation cycle is highly essential in curbing PCOS symptoms. You should also avoid unnatural ingestions like taking pills to postpone their menstruation cycle. So, try to have stable menstruation as PCOS would disturb your menstruation and fertility.

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TREAT YOUR MIND WITH CALMNESS: Most doctors would recommend the women with PCOS to relax their minds and practice yoga every day. Try to be stress –free by doing meditation and flush out the toxins in your body and mind. There are several types of yoga such as pranayamas, Surya Namaskar and Sudharshan Kriya would be your helping hand. Try to spend time with your family and friends and be one with nature and stay motivated as well.

Disclaimer: This tool does not provide medical advice. The content is intended for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor or professional medical advice or other health advice. It is neither intended nor implied to be so. Please do not ignore professional medical advice because you have read this content.

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