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Confounding Beauty Benefits of Ice Apple (Tadgola) For Hair And Skin

Confounding Beauty Benefits of Ice Apple (Tadgola) For Hair And Skin

Being the summer fruit, Ice apple is otherwise known as Palmyra fruit or Nungu or Tadgola. This palm fruit is popularly known for its health benefits and it is best sold during the summer period. The translucent jelly type fruit is excellent for its cooling effect along with its nutrients such as vitamins, iron, minerals, calcium, and sugar content. It has been incorporated with several health benefits and it is effective when you consume it regularly. As it cools down your body, ice apple could do magic for your skin. But how come it would be more beneficial for your skin and hair?

PERFECT FOR THE SKIN: Since ice apple is an excellent coolant, it could naturally cool down your body. It would highly be beneficial when dehydration and fatigue hit you in the summer. Well, ice apple is loaded with phosphorous, calcium, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin B such as thiamine and riboflavin as well as no fat carbohydrates. With all these powerful nutrients, ice apple would act as an anti-agent and thus helps in reducing the common summer skin issues such as rashes which is a heat-related one. With a watery bite of ice apple, it turns out to be the best diet for obesity.

GREAT FOR THE HAIR: When the temperature of the heat goes high outside, it would be a tough time for you to deal with your hair loss. Since summer heat makes your hair dry, it paves the way to hair-fall. But no ice apple would put you in vain. However, the watery fruit prevents dryness and dullness of the hair. It would act as a natural conditioner and helps to strengthen the hair. With the help of ice apple, you could able to combat the hair related issues such as split ends, early graying of hair and sun damages, and even early baldness.

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