6 Root Causes of Hair Loss In Women You Should Know

Your hair is something that gives you completeness. Your hair strands are what provide you the definition of the feminine in general. It does not matter if you have long wavy hair or short bold hair, it would make you look amazing with the shiny strands. Every woman wishes to own strong and beautiful shiny hair and does not want to lose their hair in a bunch of hair fall issues. While men have the fear of going bald, women have the fear of losing their hair. Hair loss is one of the major issues faced by most women. Even though there are several ways to fix hair loss, you gotta know the root cause of hair loss. Let’s check out the reasons for the causes of hair loss in women.

STRESS: You might have heard that stress could act on your hair loss. It is absolutely true as it harms people’s hair and also on people’s health. When you get stressed more, your testosterone levels would be increased and thus affects the cycle of hair growth. So, it is advisable to overcome stress with the help of yoga or meditation naturally. It thus helps in reducing stress-induced hair loss in women.

TIGHT PONYTAILS: Most women think that a ponytail would help you from getting your hair out of your face and prevent your hair from falling on your face. But by making it too tight, would stress on your hair follicle which thus results in hair loss. So, it is better to have a loose hairstyle and limit your taut hairstyle. Otherwise, the hair follicle would prone to permanent damage which would avert the regeneration of hair growth.

PENURIOUS NUTRITION: When women complaints of hair fall issues, it is mostly due to poor diet. Since hair is a non-essential tissue, it is completely harder to nourish your hair more than any other part of your body. So, you should proffer your hair with some of the best protein foods and try to add eggs, veggies, nuts, poultry, meats, and fish.

USING HOT TOOLS: Well, you might have come across your close ones warning you not to overuse the hot tools which would result in hair loss. It is totally true and so you should limit your use of hot tools such as straightening tools or curling tools.

INTENSE WEIGHT LOSS: When weight loss is followed in a healthy way, it is good to occur. However, when you lose kgs of weight, your body would take it as a physical issue and holdbacks the nutrients from non-essential tissues thereby resulting in hair loss. So, consult your doctor and get the reason behind the sudden weight changes in your body. Also, intake vitamin and protein-rich foods to help reduce your hair loss.

ROUGH HAIR TREATMENTS: Like over-using of hot tools, constant dying or processing of the hair would make your hair strands weaker and thinner as well. This is because the chemicals in the dye would break through the cuticle and results in hair damages. So, it is advised to wait for 8 weeks in between the color appointments as your hair now has the time to recover.

6 Root Causes of Hair Loss In Women You Should Know
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