6 Top Best Natural Sunscreen Substitutes

How about treating your skin with some best natural sunscreen substitutes?

This article is your reminder to know some of the best natural sunscreen substitutes. The shining rays of the morning sun could be blissful while it goes to peak in the afternoon, those shining sun rays would turn out to be harmful. It would be extremely harsh on your skin which is why it is an essential duty to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. So, all of you would turn your heads to those commercial sunscreens to prepare an invisible shield. However, most of you would be worried about depending on commercial sunscreen products which could never be effective for a longer time. And if you are seeking some amazing alternatives for these commercial sunscreens, then here are some of the natural sunscreen ingredients which would work well on your skin. Check them out!


Being the best-friendly ingredient, aloe vera could be useful in calming hot and harsh skin by turning it soft and smooth. It works well on your skin by protecting your skin from sunlight and so make use of this perfect ingredient of all time.

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When you go for coconut oil, it would definitely help you a lot more than you think it would. It would block the sun rays from hitting the surface of your skin which means you could enjoy your time out there under the sun. However, there are chances for tanning and so you gotta use your tan along with coconut oil. This would be beneficial in moisturizing your skin, reducing inflammation, and even treating blemishes by blocking UV damage. Also, when you consume coconut oil, it would combat inflammation internally and increase the amount of vitamin D in your body.


Using sesame oil would help block the sunlight and prevent the chance of sunburn. So, start applying sesame oil every hour if you wish to spend a longer time.


You could also go for other seeds and oil including peanut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, etc. All these choices of oils would act as a shield to your skin by getting its natural dose of vitamin D. So, why not try them?


When it comes to resisting sun rays, clothes would be the ultimate thing that comes to your mind. This is because they would either absorb or reflect sunlight by shielding your skin from the sun. So, choose to wear clothes with light colours as they would easily reflect the lights and make you feel cooler during the scorching summer days.


Adding foods that are naturally loaded with fats and antioxidants would be beneficial in protecting your skin from UV damage. Including fruits and veggies rich in nutrients, and omega fatty acids foods could be helpful in combating the harmful sun rays. When you have foods loaded with carotenoids, it would offer you healthy glowing skin and averts sunburn as well.

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