Types of Shoes for Men and Women and How to Pair Them Up

Everyone knows that women’s fashion always appears to have more designs and options. That is probably why most women enjoy the idea of constantly dressing up and looking beautiful. We’re not just talking about clothes. There are also more types of shoes for women than for men. You are correct if you think the same way. And, because going through every type of women’s shoe would take a long time (like a really long time), we decided to keep it on the same level as men’s shoes in this blog.

Let’s look at some of the best types of shoes for women and men so you can decide whether you need a pair.

Types of shoes for women:

Sneakers are regarded as one of the best types of shoes. The majority of women pair this comfortable active shoe with almost anything. You can wear a cute dress, fancy dress, casual outfits, and a variety of other outfits. They are quite adaptable and long-lasting. If you prefer comfort and casual attire, you should own a pair of sneakers (we are not kidding).

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Ankle Boots

Ankle boots go well with a variety of fancy outfits and dresses. They can also be worn during fall and winter with your cosy outfits. They look great with winter outfits like sweaters and cardigans. The majority of ankle boots will have heels, but some will not. You can wear whichever one makes you feel most at ease. The best outfit to wear with Ankle boots is a pair of denim shorts and a cute t-shirt. You can wear it to any casual occasion or event, such as a night out with your friends.

Military Boots

Military boots are high fashion in cities such as New York and Paris. They are fashionable and have a good grip. These will come in handy if you have trouble balancing your feet while wearing heels. To achieve a classy chic look with the military boots, pair them with skinny jeans and a black blazer. They are also more durable than sneakers because they provide more stability and are rougher.

Court Shoes

Isn’t the name ‘Court Shoes’ very formal? Because these shoes are primarily used for formal occasions. The majority of businesswomen wear these while at work. Because these shoes evoke confidence and strength, you may have even noticed your boss wearing one. They have fairly low cut heels, so your legs will not be as sore as they would be in many other high heels. You can wear it with any formal outfit to look your best.

Types of shoes for men:

Canvas shoes are a popular and casual type of shoes for men. You’ve probably seen a lot of boys wearing these shoes in school and college. They are also suitable for running and other sports activities. To achieve a comfortable and casual look, pair this type of shoe with a basic shirt and jeans. That outfit is appropriate for school, casual events such as meeting up with friends or having lunch with your family.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots appear to be formal shoes, but they are actually casual shoes. They may not be as casual as canvas or sneakers, but they are ideal for any small gatherings or events you may be attending. Chelsea boots are appropriate for any event that does not require you to wear a suit or anything fancy. A layered t-shirt and a shirt with jeans is the best outfit to wear with these shoes.


This is only for formal purposes. And we’re not going to make you guess which outfit goes best with this one. That’s correct, A formal suit that can be worn with or without a tie. The tie is unimportant, but the shoe is. If you plan on attending any formal meetings or events such as business meetings, college interviews, job interviews, court hearings, and so on, you should invest in a pair of these shoes. They are also ideal for weddings and formal family gatherings.

And those are some of the best and most popular types of shoes for both men and women. And, as we mentioned earlier, there are more shoe options for both genders. However, we have decided to only list a few of them here.

What are some of your favourite types of shoes to wear? Please let us know how you style the shoes!

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