5 Harmful Reasons Why You Should Never Drink Ice Cold Water


Who else would say no to a bottle of chilled water? Doesn’t it provide you the coolest feel all over your body as soon as it enters your stomach? Absolutely yes, almost every one of us would come across this feel when we consume ice water. On the other hand, Ayurveda advises people not involved in the practice of drinking chilled water in any situation. It should be avoided as it has several negative impacts on your health.

SORE THROAT: This is one of the main reasons why people avoid drinking ice water. It would increase the chances of sore throat and forms excessive mucus which forms the protective layer of the respiratory tract. This would in turn lead to inflammatory infections.

BAD FOR HEART HEALTH: When you consume ice water, it would suppose to stimulate the tenth cranial nerve which is the vagus nerve. This would in turn decrease the heart rate as per several studies.

UNHEALTHY FOR DIGESTION: Did you know drinking ice water could be bad for digestion? Yes, the consumption of chilled water and even cold beverages would contract your blood vessels and thus restrict the digestion. This would lead to several health issues.

TOUGHER TO BREAKDOWN THE FATS: It is said that if you drink ice water after the meal, it would solidify the fats from the foods which you just consumed. This would make it tough for your body to break down the unwanted fats in your body. But instead, you could have warm water after your meal which would be helpful for your body.

MESS YOUR BODY AFTER WORKOUT: Gym experts advise people to have a glass of warm water after a workout session and not to have chilled water. When you have ice water, it would not match the temperature of the body and thus disturbs your digestive tract.

5 Harmful Reasons Why You Should Never Drink Ice Cold Water
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