People should choose fitness routine according their wish and suitability says Malaika Arora

Actress Malaika Arora who is known as fitness freak celebrity of Hindi film industry has said that people should choose fitness routine according to their wish and suitability so that they can gain maximum results out of it.

Malaika Arora was interacting with the media at the launch of #WalkPeChal campaign by Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company as their celebrity partner on Monday in Mumbai.

Talking about her own fitness routine and giving fitness mantra to people, Malaika said, “I follow a combination of various exercises. I think walking is something which is part of my daily life. There is not a single day where I do not incorporate yoga in my routine and yoga is something that I swear by. I think whatever you feel, whatever is suited for you, people should do that kind of exercise. If you enjoy swimming or functional training then you should do that. I feel whatever time you give to fitness, that time is your personal time. You should be able to make most of that time and be dedicated to that time because giving that ‘me’ time for yourself in a day goes very long in life.”

Talking about Relaince Nippon Life Insurance #WalkPeChal campaign, Malaika said, “It’s wonderful to be here for Reliance Nippon Life Insurance #WalkPeChal Mission Moon campaign powered by fitternity.  I would urge everybody out there to get on to the fitternity app and all you need to do is download #WalkPeChal Mission Moon campaign and join it. Through that, you can track how many steps that you have taken and what we are looking for is 100 crore steps in a matter of one month by people.”

She added, “There is wonderful cause attached to it. For every 3500 steps that you do, Reliance will be donating Rs.1 to a very good cause and to make sure that there is good nutrition to mother and child. I think it’s a wonderful imitative in partnership with the NGO so, people should go for it, do it and share their stories on social media so that, we can build this community and make it larger.”

Many celebrities came out to congratulate the Narendra Modi government on Monday for its decision to repeal Article 370, and split the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories, Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

Sharing her opinion on the development, Malaika said, “I feel a lot has happened today. It’s been a rather overwhelming day of sorts. I am also following it and processing it but in due course of time we should all have opinions about it but this is not the right platform to talk about it. We will have a discussion on it on some other day.”

People should choose fitness routine according their wish and suitability says Malaika Arora
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