The FACT Behind The Ladakh MAGNETIC Hill Mystery

Unfathomable Magnetic Hill of Ladakh! A road that leads you to the mystifying path!

Of course, Ladakh is one perplexing place where every one of us would like to visit at least once in a lifetime. The bike riders often choose this place to enjoy the ecstasy ride here in Ladakh and we could also put down as it is one such dream place for them to ride. Meanwhile, Ladakh flashes in our mind as one of the mysterious lands in India and local people themselves accepted it. Being one of the must-visit places in India, it provides many captivating places whereas one place is mystifying for a long period and is prevailing still now. This is nothing but a small stretch of road located for about 30 kilometers from Leh towards Kargil and is known as Magnetic Hill of Ladakh.

Silver sands on the sides of the roads, the mystic stretch of road in the middle leading to the Magnetic Hill is what impels you with cryptic feel yet a hypnotizing experience.

This is the particular part of the Srinagar – Leh highway which would have a clear view of going uphill. But the interesting thing is that if you turned off the engine of the vehicle and let your vehicle stand in neutral, it will slowly start moving and can go up to a speed of 20 kilometers per hour on its own. And this is how it is believed to be mysterious.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LADAKH MAGNETIC HILL MYSTERY: The enigmatic phenomenon is a magnetic force so strong that it can pull cars uphill. The airplanes which fly over this particular part of the region will automatically increase their altitude to avoid magnetic interference. So, every tourist driver who passes through this spot will deliberately off the engine, just to allow the tourists to experience how the car still kept moving. However, some people are not aware of Magnetic Hill and just pass through here, but those who are well-known about the fact of Magnetic Hill, they would stop their cars just to check whether what they heard was true or merely rumors.

Yet another concept is that optical illusion in neuroscience where you see something which is not even there or you might see things differently than how they physically are. As so many optical illusions recorded, there is this one known as Gravity Hill which is the very slight downhill slope that appears to be an uphill slope. The reason behind this is that our eyes and minds are used to using the horizon as a reliable reference, it can tell if a particular slop is straight or if there is a slant. If there is no horizon, then we will never be able to confirm it. What if the horizon is obstructed? Then our minds get confused and can often see things with the perspective of horizontal or vertical while they are not.

While there are so many scientific experiments to be done, here comes the myth for this particular part of the place. Oh yeah! This place isn’t exceptional in the myth. Local people believe differently and as per their tale, there lied a pathway that led straight away to heaven. People who deserve heaven would be pulled up immediately whereas those who undeserved it could never make the path. Well, this is the supernatural concept of the place.

Take a look at the road map of Ladakh and plan a trip to the mysteriously-bounded route of Ladakh!

The FACT Behind The Ladakh MAGNETIC Hill Mystery
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