5 Healthy Fruit-veggie Drinks to Say a Healthy Cheers

A glass of colourful liquids can recharge your body instantly when you add the right ingredients. It is well-known most people love to gulp down a glass of juice. When it comes to drinks, you might be visualizing the alcoholic drinks. This is not the same as you think. We are here with healthy fruit-veggie drinks choices to say healthy cheers on this New Year. For those seeking healthy merriment, we have arrived with 5 healthy fruit-veggie drinks to say healthy cheers. Well, you do not have to keep a period for your unlimited enjoyment. As long as the fruits and veggies grow, you are naturally given the choice. So, let’s see how to mix-sip nutritious fruits and veggies.


Not in the mood to prepare breakfast? Well, we have an easy-peasy breakfast drink option. Toss some sliced beets, carrots and pour the lime juice you have squeezed into the juicer. Blend them altogether by adding the required amount of water. Add a teaspoon of honey if you wish to go sweet.

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If your refrigerator is overflowing with carrots, then do not know what to do with them? If yes, then toss them to prepare a nice and refreshing drink. When adding carrots, give the fruit touch to them by adding strawberries or apples. Blend them to have a healthy drink.


The ingredients you require to prepare this fruit-veggie drink are green apple, spinach, lime and honey. And if you wish to go with smoothy consistency, introduce some chia seeds and flax seeds to this mixture. Add them all to a blender and grind them to the required consistency. Now, add honey and drink the delicious and healthy green drink of all time.


This is the best weight-loss-friendly drink to include in your daily diet menu from this New Year. Add the sliced pineapple, cucumber, and a few ginger pieces into the blender or juicer to give the healthy mix. It is one of the best detoxifying drinks you can ever come across. The addition of ginger gets rid of gastrointestinal issues such as bloating and gas. Also, the vitamin-c rich pineapple boosts your immune system instantly along with the water-rich cucumber.


Yet another immune-booster that comes your way is the orange and ginger mix. When you add orange and ginger slices, just ensure to pour lime juice into the mix. Then, blend them with the required amount of water. The orangish drink is all set to say healthy cheers from this New Year Eve.

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