5 Tasty Chicken Dinners That Are Easy To Make

Falling for the luscious chicken dishes is worth it because they are protein-rich and tastiest ever. The lip-smacking chicken grill or tandoori would give you the out-of-the-world experience. Ever thought of the reason behind the never-ending craziness for the chicken menu? Well, the nutritious chicken varieties of dishes would be completely fun-loving and satiating. So, here are some easy scrumptious chicken dishes that win your heart for sure. Continue reading to add them to your daily menu. What’s more fun and satiating than having a finger-licking chicken dish for your dinner? Read on. . .


The most-loved chicken dish of all time is Indian Butter Chicken. This dish is cooked with a smooth buttery and creamy tomato texture which surely has your heart. All you have to do is to marinate the chicken and refrigerate it. Later, add garam masala powder and blended tomato puree and cashews, and stir until you get a smooth texture. Also, the colour of the gravy depends on the red chili powder you use, and cook the marinated chicken along with the gravy. Overall, the dish would be the best in its creamy taste.


Yet another delicious chicken dinner is the juicy and flavoursome baked lemon chicken. This is one of the easiest ways to prepare and taste in a few minutes. You just have to brine the chicken in warm salt water before baking and then brush it with some melted butter. The next step is to rub some seasonings or go with salt and pepper. Then, roast the chicken on high heat and allow it to rest as it would give you some succulent juice to taste. Try it tonight!

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The combination of rice and chicken is one of the most basic varieties which goes well. But this Thai-Style Chicken and Rice contains the flavours of Thailand that make you go crazy for it. Even though the preparation of the dish takes an hour, it would be worth the taste.


The popular chicken dinners would keep you contented and have your taste buds. This particular dish, Cumin Chicken, is a go-to one for your weeknights’ menu. This is because it is easy to prepare and healthy for your body as well. So, you have to start with sprinkling a teaspoon of cumin, and garlic salt onto the chicken. Then, heat the pan or skillet with oil and brown the chicken under medium flame. Next, place it in a bowl and pour the spicy or hot sauce, water, and remaining cumin over the chicken. Lower the flame and boil the mixture and later, stir it for a few minutes. The delicious Cumin Chicken is ready to serve.


This boneless Honey Chicken Stir-Fry recipe is most loved by children as they would love to have it. The preparation does not consume too much time but gives the best chicken dinner within a few minutes of cooking. The sweet touch of honey would blend with boneless chicken and gives you the perfect taste tonight. Well, the above-mentioned are the scrumptious chicken dinners that win your heart for sure.

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