If Squid is Your Favourite, Then Check Out its Health Benefits!

Most of us would have tasted the palatable calamari dishes like squid rings. To many, it becomes one of the favorite dishes to be tasted. Squid meat has a pale, translucent white color, chewy texture, and an umami taste, which is nothing but a category of taste in food. It definitely is a toothsome dish in your kitchen as well as healthy for your body. According to Indian coastal cuisines, squid is locally called Koonthal, Kanawa or Kadamba which is eaten fried and in gravy as well. They are of four in varieties such as black, white, hard shell and red. Below are the striking nutritional hikes of squid.


Are you worried about cholesterol content? Well, there is nothing to worry about the cholesterol content when it comes to squid. Like other shellfish, squid has high amounts of dietary cholesterol. But it would never make you stay away from squid as it has low-fat content. Studies have shown that eating shellfish only lowers blood cholesterol levels and will never raise it.

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We do know that squid belongs to the shellfish family and is high in protein, minerals and low in calories. Thus squid becomes a highly nutritious meal to consume.


Well, your body must need B12 for neutral health and blood health, whereas it needs vitamin B6 to shield your heart from strokes. The presence of selenium and vitamin E in squid will help you in the growth of the body and fertility and also due to the presence of an antioxidant, it helps in battling cancer. And all these healthy reasons are enough for you to add squid in your diet.


And yes! Squid can do wonders for those who need protein without compromising their calorific goals. When you deeply fry the squids, your protein level will go hike in your body. If you take 100 gm of squid it only contains 75 kcal to 85 kcal of calories as per studies. Hundred percent sure, it is a good source of proteins and so it highly suggested to be eaten.


When it comes to maintaining your shape, it is good to have squid in your dietary chart. As high carbs food makes you fall out of the shape, you will be avoiding all those high carbs food items. Perhaps, you might be afraid of eating only vegetables to maintain your shape. But it is not true, still, you can add squid because of its low carbs content in it. So, you can happily intake the delicious dish of squid in all forms.


Migraine is one of the common things that affect most of the people at present, because of the hectic, busy lifestyle. But with the help of the squid, you can lower the frequency of migraines due to the presence of vitamin B2. It could thus avert migraine and gain more energy.

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