Samantha’s not-to-yield Workout Session inspires Everyone

One of the best Indian actresses, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, very often puts her fitness schedule first. In an effort to inspire her followers and stay on the track, she frequently posts about her workout routine on Instagram. The actress, who primarily appears in Tamil and Telugu films, recently informed her audience that she has been given a diagnosis with myositis. It is an inflammatory disease brought on by muscle inflammation.

The actress revealed on Instagram that she had originally intended to update her followers on her health status after entering remission, but that she had since changed her mind because it was taking longer than she had anticipated. “It is taking a little longer than I hoped”, she captioned. However, the actress provided another info about her recuperation and fitness journey, as well as the diet she is currently following, a few weeks later.

In a different Instagram post, Samantha Ruth Prabhu detailed the workout regimen she follows to maintain her physical fitness and treat her condition in a healthy way. The 35-year-old star can be seen in the video performing a rigorous pull-up routine. “Being on the strictest possible diet (the autoimmune diet.. yes, there is such a thing) has taught me that strength is not what you eat… it’s how you think,” she shared the post.

Experts say that people with autoimmune diseases like thyroid, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, as well as arthritis can benefit greatly from following this diet. The paleo diet and the autoimmune diet, also widely recognized as the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet, are very similar, but the autoimmune diet is typically stricter. In order to reduce inflammation, the majority of autoimmune diets call for cutting out specific foods.

Many people have said that she has become their biggest inspiration to keep working on themselves, even when they don’t want to, in response to her updates on her recovery process and the workout regimen posts.

If you share that sentiment, the actress herself has provided some incredible advice that you can use to achieve results.

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Top fitness tips from Samantha Ruth Prabhu to follow:
Workout first thing in the morning:

According to Samantha, she exercises first thing in the morning to prepare herself for the day. Studies have shown that exercising in the morning increases your metabolism and fosters consistency. Exercise not only increases your energy and endurance, but it also boosts your mood.

Try out new exercises to keep your body moving:

The actress is not shy about trying new things, whether it be aerial yoga, gymnastics, freestyle, or weightlifting. “Never be afraid to try new things.” “You’ll be surprised at what you can do,” she wrote in the caption of one of her fitness videos. Even if she doesn’t have time for a workout, she must jog or walk.

Always nourish your body properly:

“Nutrition is an important part of my fitness routine, and as you all know, I give it my all. Of course, plant-based nutrition is my only source of nutrition, and it is now my strength “She mentioned it in one of her Instagram posts. “We’re busting the myth that you can’t improve your performance or build lean muscle on a plant-based diet,” she says. “You need the energy to work out well,” the actor said during an interview. Plant-based protein can boost your overall well-being in addition to offering a wealth of nutrients, fibre, as well as antioxidants.

Pay close attention to your body and mind:

The actor uses relaxation exercises and breathwork on times when her body demands a break. “Today I’m starting my 48 days of Isha Kriya,” she wrote on Instagram about her meditation journey. Experts agree that taking a few days off is beneficial to your wellness and training.

Cycling = all-purpose exercise:

Sam loves going for bike rides with her friends. This exercise’s low-impact nature assists in enhancing cardiovascular fitness while strengthening the core, increasing leg strength, and building consistency.

Consider exercise to be a form of therapy:

“I still have trouble getting to the gym,” Samantha admitted in an interview. “But when I see the results, I am motivated to continue. It almost becomes therapeutic. That is the only time you set aside for yourself. You put all of your aggression, worry, and stress into your workout and then let it all go “She revealed. Psychological therapists have a variety of ways to suggest and incorporate physical activity into their patients’ treatment plans. Exercise is an effective treatment for disorders such as anxiety, depressed mood, and other conditions.

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