Things You Need to Know Before Starting Pilates

Pilates has been one of the biggest fitness trends recently and it is for good reasons. People are starting to or trying to join the trend. If you are one of them, there are some important things you need to know before starting pilates.

We are gonna talk about all of the basic things you may or may not have heard about pilates yet. So spare a minute and give it a read before your first Pilates workout.

Don’t start if you don’t plan on sticking with it

Pilates, just like any other workout, isn’t some magical workout trend. It will always take time for you and your body to get used to it. So if you are planning on doing it just for a week or just a few days, we gotta tell you, it won’t make any difference. It should be a part of your long-term workout routine like jogging, running, walking etc. Don’t do it one time and consider it done.

You will find out there are different kinds of pilates

There are two main pilates classes you should know about and they are Mat and Reformer. You can either take one of them or combine one of the Pilates classes with other workouts. For example, Pilates with cardio and Pilates and yoga are popular workout routines that people follow.

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You have to invest in good clothes

When we say ‘Good Clothes’ we don’t mean good looking clothes (obviously). What we mean is the right clothes and gear that make you more comfortable and ready. There are certain clothes made just for pilates like socks with rubber grips in the bottom and good fit leggings. So do some research of your own and find the best and comfortable clothes before starting.

You will experience a lot of soreness

Soreness is a normal thing after a workout but soreness after a pilates session will have much more effect on your body. This happens because pilates target certain muscles throughout the session continuously. So just remember that it is completely normal to feel sore for a few days after your session.

Talk to your trainer

Whether you are taking a remote class or a physical class, communicate with your trainer about the movements. Always clarify if you are doing it right and talk to them about the things that make you uncomfortable. You have to communicate and let the trainer know your problems so that they can understand you and your body better.

We hope you found this post about things you need to know before taking pilates helpful. Are you a fan of pilates and do you follow it regularly? Let us know about your experiences.

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