10 Best Places To Visit In January

The pleasant and mildly warm weather makes January a perfect month for all your outdoor activities. If you already have a travel list planned for this year then start your trips right this month. This month is ideal to visit almost all places in India. Also, try to avoid far-north mountainous regions and highlands during this winter. Except for that, India has so many other beautiful places to visit in January.
Explore this article further to witness why January is the best month for travel in India. Furthermore, we give you the list of the top 10 best places to visit in India, this January.

Andaman and Nicobar

This spot is perfect for recently married couples. Andaman and Nicobar islands are classic honeymoon destinations in India. This spot is ideal for travel in December and January. Also, the turquoise ocean, smooth sand, and charming beaches make this one of the most beautiful places to relax. Here, the Havelock Islands or Swaraj Dweep is the best of them all. This pristine location is undoubtedly the best place in India to visit in January. During this month, the temperatures consistently range between 20 and 28 degrees. Furthermore, this place is also ideal for sporting activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

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If you love beaches then goa is a mini paradise for you. Goa is another serene location with an endless stretch of beaches and golden sand. Also, this place draws numerous visitors all year long. You should visit this place for some delectable seafood experience and vibrant nightlife. Thus this is the perfect destination to hang out with friends. The vibrant clubs, pubs, casinos, sophisticated cafes, and bright beaches make this place more attractive. During January the temperature is almost perfect with 25 to 28 degrees in the morning and around 20 degrees at night.


Kerala is one of the most fascinating places to travel this January. The glistening beaches, calm backwaters, and boathouses make this place ideal for both friends and family. This state has everything from vibrant nightlife in Varkala to serene stays in Alleppey. Moreover, if you are a nature lover then Munnar and Thekkady are must-visits. If you have a long weekend this January, then definitely visit this beautiful trio of places – Thekkady, Allepey, and Munnar. Furthermore, Kerala gives the ultimate tourist experience.

Puri and Bhubaneshwar

These two cities in Odisha are underrated tourist destinations in India. Puri and Bhubaneshwar have some great beaches and sea life. Additionally, Puri is home to numerous medieval architectures and craftsmanship. If in Odisha, then do visit the Puri Jagganath temple and Konark sun temple. Chilika Lake is another well-liked tourist destination that attracts many visitors, especially in January. The nature and birdlife in this place are ideal if you are an animal lover. Also, this place is at its best from November to February.


Kolkata is renowned for its street foods, and sweets. It is also known for the Durga puja celebrations and the marvelous Howrah Bridge. Moreover, around this time, Santiniketan celebrates the vibrant Poush Mela. This three-day yearly mela commemorates the start of the harvest season. Shantiniketan is also significant as it belonged to Rabindra Nath Tagore. Another unique attraction is its nature and wildlife. Additionally, their mighty Sunderbans is also a must-visit place this January.


Nainital is one of the most well-known hill stations in India. At present, the place also developed its infrastructural facility to aid its tourists. This scenic place has many snow-covered hilltops and beautiful lakes. The Tiffin top, Naini lake, and snow-view point are best visited in January. This Himalayan resort town also has a hillside zoo. Thus it is a perfect holiday destination to visit with friends and family. Nainital is also a favorite destination for pleasant day trips and boatings.


If you are a beach person then Gokarna is another beautiful destination to visit in January. This place might not be as crowded as Goa but definitely has some unblemished beaches. This is also an underrated hang-out spot in India. The stunning cliffs, and beaches in Gokarna are ideal for a group hang out. The place also has many ancient Hindu temples to its beauty. You can also enjoy a variety of water sports in Gokarna.


Chikmagalur is a classic winter destination in South India. The temperatures during the winter season are slightly variable. The lowest is around 14 degrees and the highest it can go is around 32 degrees. This place has many beautiful grasslands and forest areas. It is also Karnataka’s one of most renowned hill places. This little heaven attracts thousands of visitors each year. This January, immerse yourself in the nature of Chikmagalur.


Rajasthan won’t be too hot in January. Thus it is the best time to explore cities like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Udaipur. The sturdy Jaisalmer fort stands erect with a maze-like appearance. Exploring this fort is quite fascinating because nearly every house around it is painted in vibrant colors. To explore more traditional and cultural sights, visit Udaipur, the city of lakes. Furthermore, this January, you can witness the Jaipur literature festival, one of India’s greatest literary shows. This city also has many forts and busy markets. Thus these three cities are another ‘trio’ to visit during long weekends.


Finally, we have another beach destination on your list. Pondicherry is a fantastic beach place to visit in January. It has the ideal weather for sightseeing and some vibrant cafes for exploration. The site also has a strong french influence. With its French quarters, yellow villas, and cafes constructed in colonial architecture, this location will undoubtedly transport you to a different era. This place is also perfect for outdoor recreation, and sporting activities.

Here, we end our list. Now swiftly plan your weekends and block your tickets for a memorable journey.

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