Best Accessories To Pair With Half Sarees

Half sarees are always popular among South Indian women. These traditional lehenga-like outfits are often made of silk. Nowadays we can also see them in different fabrics like georgette and art silks. The trick to wearing them with grace is to pair them with perfect accessories. An ideal jewelry set that matches the color and pattern of the outfit as well as your face shape can elevate the look to a whole new level. Here let’s look at some tips and tricks to ace the half-saree look with perfect accessories.

Choker Set

Chokers and Jhumkas go great with most traditional outfits. Try to avoid these choker sets if you are a round-faced person. This can make your face even rounder. These jewels go well with blouses that have a deep neckline. Chokers can definitely complement your bare long neck. Additionally, a good pair of jhumkas can elevate the entire look. All you have to do is to pair your chokers with the border design of your half saree.

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Temple Jewelry

Another classic jewel design that elevates your half-saree look is the temple jewels. If you’re wearing a traditional silk half saree with a temple border, then this will definitely complement the outfit. Also, try to have a broad neckline to lift your jewel design. Usually, these temple jewels attract the same attention as your half saree.

Kundan Jewels

Half sarees for special occasions can be paired with traditional Kundan sets. Especially multicolored Kundans are the new picks in the market. They can add elegance to even simple and plain half sarees. Kundan collar necklace and chokers with matching stone earrings will give a dapper look to any traditional outfit.

Coin Jewelry

Nowadays, antique coin jewels are making a trend. These jewels can go hand in hand with any saree or half-saree look. A coin necklace with a coin hip chain and matching jhumkas will certainly add grace. You can also choose this coin set if you want a minimalistic look.


Your half-saree look won’t get complete without colorful bangles. Both glass bangles as well as contemporary golden bangles go well with half sarees. You can also mix Kundan or stone bangles with your matching color bangles set.

Potli Bags

Another flattering accessory to add is a potli bag that matches the color and design of your half saree. Next time try to ditch your usual handbag or purse and go with these cute little potli bags. These ethnic clutches come in so many varieties and can thus easily match your saree design.

Hip Chain

Pairing a hip chain or waist belt can take your half-saree look to the next level. To flaunt this jewel piece you must drape your half saree perfectly. Or else they can spoil the whole look. You can also go with cloth-based embroidered saree belts for your outfit.

These are some of the best accessories to pair with your half sarees. Also, remember that sometimes a minimal look is chic. Thus it is important to know what to wear as well as when to wear it.

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