Best Cities to Celebrate New Years Eve

Since New Year is around the corner, we give a list of best cities to celebrate New Years Eve. Welcome 2023 with a vibe!


You’ve heard of the lush greeneries and the wholesome mountains in Kasol, now get ready to experience the party culture in one of the most beautiful cities in Himachal. A number of parties and festivals are lined up for the week. If you are looking for music, dance, camping, and a gala time with your friends then the Kasol New Year Music Party 2023, Himachal Hills Festival 4.0, The Israeli Trance Music Festival are some of the overnight parties where you can party and camp simultaneously. You can also make short trips in and around Kasol, or simply spend the night star-gazing with your closest bunch. With winter and holiday season, there are bound to be thousands of tourists making their way up north, so don’t be late. Make your new year plan now!

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Goa is hands down the party destination in India. Tourists from all over the world visit Goa in December. Many arts and film festivals are held in Goa in December, so the entire month feels like a month of celebration. And post Christmas the city, decorated with ornaments, feels like a giant Christmas tree. The truth is there will be immense crowds this time of the year, but it is also the best time to visit Goa, despite the number of people. All you can do is find small, private parties for the new year’s. It’s never too late, find a hotel, make a spontaneous plan and take the Goa trip out of the groupchat! Relish the Goan cuisine on new year’s day and watch the sunset at the beach. Make this year the best of all years.


If you’re not a fan of the bustle and crowd in Goa, then Pondicherry is the place for you. The quirky little festivals, amazing cocktails, beach-view parties together with the South Indian winter is all you need. The streets will still be covered in Christmas decor, the lights giving a hope for the new year. If you want a gala time but aren’t comfortable with crowded places, Pondicherry is where you should find yourselves this year.


Gokarna is lined with the most beautiful beaches in the country. You will not find a beach that’s too crowded. Gokarna also has many beach-view parties, resorts and homestays. Based on who you go with, find a place to stay, trek along the beaches and star-gaze. Gokarna is best experienced with a group of people. It is affordable and perfect for friends, students, cousins, etc. End the new year with a cozy bonfire, warm booze, songs and dance with your closest bunch. Welcome the new year watching the sunrise on the beach.


Bengaluru is famous in the Deccan for its unique cafes and popular pubs. It’s the best place to go club-hopping with your friends, dancing the night away while enjoying great South Indian and continental cuisines. The party scene in Bengaluru is wonderful and the streets are bound to be lit up. Bengaluru is the central point for many tourist places in the South, you can make a short trip before and after the New Year’s. End the year in Bengaluru and then journey onwards to Pondicherry, Mysore, Wayanad, Kerala, Hyderabad, etc. Start the new year with a bang!


Ooty is a call hill station that is ideal for family, friends and couples, but we would suggest this place for couples who want one last getaway of the year. With its lush tea plantations and homemade chocolates, it is a trademark romantic trip. Turn your phone off, walk around the hills with your partner and immerse yourself in the best of nature. You will definitely find some new year eve parties, but if you want to welcome the year with peace and calm, you can do that too. Ideal for a break: disconnect from the internet, find yourself a good hotel or resort and experience the lush green with the winter chill. The scenic routes, idyllic parks and the delightful toy train from Ooty to Coonoor with an amazing view of the hills, is the best way to end 2022 and welcome the new year. What are you waiting for?


Journey due north towards Udaipur. This one city captures the soul of modern Rajasthan. For new and old couples, for friends and families, and for solo travelers – Udaipur is the destination for all. A bit expensive than the other places on this list, Udaipur is worth one last indulgence of 2022. Book your tickets before new years and make the most of what this city has to offer. Many parties will be held at the numerous hotels on the banks of Lake Pichola, so be sure to check them out and make a detailed plan.

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This year has been too intense, went by too quick yet too slow at the same time. It’s time to let go of what happened and welcome the new year doing exactly what you want to do – be it quietly cuddling with your partner in Ooty, dancing the night away in Goa, singing your heart out in Gokarna or losing yourself in the mountains of Kasol. Give 2022 a proper send off and welcome 2023 with new vigour.

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