Things to do in Udaipur for a Week

The Goa and Manali trips may never leave your group chat, but there are other places that you can and must visit! Here is a doable plan for your solo, couple or bestie trip! Spend a week in a different city and revel in all its glory. This December, book a flight to Udaipur and let the city wow you. This is optimal for a couple’s retreat or a chill week with your best friend. Here is what you can do in Udaipur for an entire week!

City Palace

Rajasthan’s largest palace complex, the City Palace is a 400 year old architectural marvel. Filled with historical heritage, the palace was home to many rulers, built by architects from many dynasties and was the administrative centre of the Maharajas. A royal parliament, if you will. It is a tourist hotspot for a reason.

Within the palace complex you will find many breathtaking structures – Suraj Gokhda (which served as public address facade), Mor-chowk (Peacock courtyard), Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace), Dilkhush Mahal (Heart’s Delight), Moti Mahal (The Pearl Palace), Badi Mahal (The Big Palace), Choti Chitrashala (Residence of Little Pictures), Fateh Prakash Palace, Surya Chopar, Amar Vilas (has a raised garden), Krishna Vilas, Bhim Vilas, among many others. Experience true delight by spending an entire day here in the chilly month of December.

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Boating at Lake Pichola

After your day out at the City Palace, catch the sunset at Lake Pichola. The Palace is built on the lake’s eastern bank and also has a boat service within it. Do not miss this beautiful sundown. However, Pichola Lake is in the midst of many breathtaking sites. So, we would suggest another day to cover all these sights like Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, Swaroop Sagar Bridge, Gangaur Ghat, and many hotels and small mahals that are built along its bank. Trust us, you want to take your time with the city and boating on this beautiful lake is as good as it gets.

Gangaur Ghat

Gangaur Ghat (on the banks of Lake Pichola) is a night retreat. Locals and tourists alike visit the ghats at night. Nights in Udaipur are chilly but weathering the cold is worth the night view of Lake Pichola. Experience a quiet night with your partner, mark the companionship of your friends or take in the peace of being a solitary traveller. The city welcomes everyone with warmth.

Bagore ki Haveli

Situated right on Lake Pichola’s waterfront, Bagore ki Haveli is an eighteenth century Haveli that has now become a major tourist attraction. A section of the haveli has been restored into a Museum, after consulting Maharajas and historians and using traditional building materials, increasing its heritage value. Bagore ki Haveli is most famous for its Dharohar Dance Show held on most evenings of the week. If you’re interested in traditional Rajasthani folk dance and puppet shows, you mustn’t miss this! However, there also are other areas like the Puppet museum and the Weapons section showcasing various historic weapons.

Baahubali Hills

Bahubali Hills

Despite what the name suggests, Baahubali Hills involves a 20 minute trek up the hill for a view of the Badi Lake. We recommend taking an auto directly or renting a bike or cycle from Fatehsagar Lake (5-6 kms). You’ll enjoy the curvy roads and the scenic route from Fatehsagar to Badi Lake. The Baahubali Hills are a hidden gem and a natural reprieve from the palaces in Udaipur. It’s an easy walk uphill to serenity and calm.

Udaipur & Its Restaurants

Being the Lake City, a lot of the famous restaurants are on the banks of the Lake.

Most famous for a traditional experience are:
Ambrai – a sophisticated bar & diner for a candle-lit date by the lake.
Chandani at The Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel – as the name suggests, it’s a vibrant restaurant against the moon reflecting on the Lake
Lake Shore Restaurant – for a budget-friendly yet authentic and local experience.

Other places one could check out are Sajjangarh Fort (also known as Monsoon Palace), and the many small lakes that add to the city’s beauty. Spend some time with Udaipur and let it make you feel at home!

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