4 Most Proven Ways To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth


Today there are plenty of products in the market to choose to whiten your teeth. Most of the products are added with chemicals and so will not be effective and healthy for your teeth. Before knowing the methods of whitening the teeth, you should know why your teeth look yellow and stained. When it comes to yellow teeth, there are multiple factors causing it.

It becomes dull and loses the bright white sparkle because of certain foods that can stain your enamel, which is the outermost layer of the teeth. Sometimes it looks yellow because the hard enamel present within can be eroded and revealing the dentin which is naturally yellow that seems to be underneath the enamel.  Even if you brush your teeth very hard with your brush in order to make your teeth white, it may also erode the whiteness. So, here are a few natural ways to get rid of yellow from your teeth.

BRUSH: Brushing is the foremost thing you have to do at once you are awake in the morning. When you brush with baking soda, it may give good results as you wish. Naturally, baking soda has the natural whitening properties and that’s why it is one of the ingredients in commercial toothpaste. Studies have shown that toothpaste with baking soda will help you to have white teeth. You will not get the result overnight but you will see the result as days pass by.

OIL PULLING: Oil pulling is one of the effective methods for you to prevent the enamel from getting eroded and it’s helpful in whitening the teeth. It is a traditional remedy of Indians that will improve oral hygiene and remove toxins from the body as well. Try oil pulling every day and be the beneficiary.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: A diet that includes fruits and vegetables is good and effective for both your body and your teeth. Specifically, reddish-pink strawberries and yellowish pineapple are the two fruits that are helpful in whitening your teeth. The mixture of strawberry and baking soda is a natural remedy for whitening your teeth. These two fruits are also useful in removing the stains from teeth.

AVERT TOOTH STAINS: Naturally, your teeth turn yellow as you get older, but there are some simple things to prevent stains from your teeth. You can limit the intake of staining foods and beverages. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid these completely, but you should limit it and you can use a straw for sipping beverages which could prevent your teeth from coloring. Then the next one is if you really want to get rid of a stain or cease from getting stained, limit the use of sugar in your diet. No matter whatever you eat or drink, you better swish/rinse your mouth once with water. You can also add more calcium to your diet which will help in whitening your teeth.

Get whitening naturally and smile confidently with your teeth!

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