4 Skin friendly Snacks to Toss into Your Mouth

Skin is the delicate part of your body that must be pampered and nourished daily. Feeding your skin what it needs is essential and you might be already doing it via adding necessary foods. Even though you have your meals planned for your day, what about the time between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner? Well, your tummy would be rumbling for sure. So, you wish to munch on some unhealthy foods and crispy snacks, which are not good for your skin. You have to unleash yourself from this unhealthy snacking situation. This is why we are here with 4 skin friendly snacks to toss into your mouth whenever your tummy sounds. Check out the following 4 skin friendly snacks to toss into your mouth and add them to your diet to glow naturally.


Would you not have a bite of dark chocolate especially when it is skin friendly? Well, the renowned health benefits of dark chocolate would make it an excellent choice of snacking. But it does inculcate some beauty benefits as well. The presence of antioxidants in dark chocolate would enhance the thickness of the skin and keep it hydrated. It would also lower the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which are the symptoms of ageing. So, have a dark chocolate break!

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Loaded with rich fats and vitamins C and E, Avocados could be a perfect skin friendly snack. This is due to the effect of vitamin E in the high-fat fruit which maintains the health of the skin. When it works along with vitamin C, an antioxidant in nature, the fruit would guard your skin from oxidative damages, especially the damages caused due to the sun and the environment. If you do not like to have avocados in their solid form, why not try preparing some delicious delight of a glass of avocado milkshake. Nothing could beat the lusciousness of avocado milkshake.


The delicious berries are packed with a great source of antioxidants which would shield your skin naturally from any damage. How about adding some vitamin C strawberries to your daily diet? Well, treat yourself to a bowl of fruit salad while working or binge-watching Netflix or reading so that your skin would be thankful.


Why not give cheers to your skin with a glass of red wine? Well-known for its skin benefits, Red wine could be an inevitable skin-friendly drink you could enjoy sipping. Red wine could delay the process of ageing as it combats the free radicals which are responsible for skin damages. This is due to the presence of resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine which would reverse the process of your skin’s ageing. So, these are the 4 skin-friendly snacks to toss into your mouth.

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