5 Most Important Tips To Follow While Applying Beard Oil


Of course, every man would love to grow bread and make it look great and attractive as well. So, you would definitely wish to apply oil to it as it is more useful than you think it is. It would in turn moisturize your beard and it would also curb itching. You could also easily style your beard with the application of oil. But then, you have certain essential methods to follow when you are applying beard oil which would be helpful for you. Check them out!

APPLY ONCE YOUR BEARD IS DRY: Generally, you guys would apply beard oil right after the shower which is a perfect thing to do. But make sure your beard is dry when you get out of the shower and should be clean as well. It is at this time your skin pores would be open. Once you get out of the shower, you need to dry your beard with the towel and then apply the oil.

WATCH OUT THE AMOUNT OF OIL YOU ARE APPLYING: When you are ready to apply beard oil, ensure to know about the amount of oil you need to use. Well, the amount of oil you need to use would rely on the length and thickness of your beard. For instance, if your beard has only grown for about a month, then you would only need three to four drops of oil whereas if you own a longer beard, then in that case you have to take more than ten drops. You should avoid applying too much oil if you are not sure about the amount of oil. Just start it with small drops and increase it slowly.

BEGIN APPLYING THE OIL INTO THE SKIN: You would always try to pamper your entire beard with the oil but not just its outer area, right? You just have to start it by working the oil into your skin right before you move to the rest of the beard. When you are oiling your skin, it would nourish the roots of your beard thereby stimulating the healthy growth of your beard.

REMEMBER TO COMB YOUR BEARD FROM THE BOTTOM: Once after applying beard oil, you should comb your beard to style it. Combing would help distribute the oil more evenly into your beard thereby making your beard look amazing. But you should comb your beard from the bottom and then move upwards. Then you would work on your chin and cheeks which would thus gift you the better-layered look.

BEARD OIL IS NOT AS SAME AS BEARD BALM: Guys would often mistake that beard balm and beard oil are the same but that’s a wrong assumption though. Since beard balm is a combination of beard oil and beard wax, it has been used for a particular purpose. Even if they are similar, beard balm and beard oil are not used for different purposes. Beard oil is highly useful for conditioning your beard whereas beard balm would be great for styling your bread. As of now, you should have known how to use beard oil to help grow your bread healthily and make it look more great and attractive.

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