5 Most Unusual Beauty Ingredients From The Ancient India


Most Strange Beauty Ingredients of Ancient India. Unwonted Beauty Components of Ancient India!

Indian women are admired for their natural beauty tone and are popular all over the world. The secret behind the beauty of Indian women is due to the robust beauty ingredients which have been transferred generations after generations and are altered according to time. We used ingredients from the Indian kitchen to hide the secrets of beauty ingredients according to Ayurveda. By following the traditionally wrapped Indian cosmetology, beauty is added in the form of a golden complexion to the finest tone in the world and the dark locks of the hair. However, here is the list of unconventional beauty ingredients which are found useful in several products since ancient days.

COW DUNG AND URINE: Well, the cow is a sacred animal in India and it has been in practice since the early period. Though cow useful in many ways, it is useful in providing multiple beauty products of ancient times in another form. Naturally, cow dung and urine found useful in the preparation of natural beauty products because of the presence of anti-bacterial properties that acts as a shield to protect skin-related problems. You might feel disgusting by thinking that it is cow dung and urine, but it is highly used in detoxifying the body and face packs. Believe it or not, it helps to treat the pimple and cracked heel.

RED LENTIL FLOUR: Little did we know, red lentil flour has been used for ages and ages to turn our skin soft and smooth and to suppress hair fall ever before. We know that they will do wonders for our health because of the protein content whereas it has been used for beauty treatments for ages. You will be healthy as well as beautiful together by using red lentil flour.

BETEL LEAVES: We do know the ‘much-needed role of the betel leaves is traditionally bounded religious rituals and also in medicines. We might have seen our elderly people chewing betel leaves in the villages. However, Functions are incomplete without chewing it at the end of the dinner or meals. The most interesting fact about betel leaves is that the Mughal Queens used to chew the leaves as their fond of it and eventually showered with clear complexions. These leaves are surprisingly useful in treating acne and other skin issues and it is because of the presence of detoxifying properties.

CURRY LEAVES: Have you ever tried curry leaves juice in the early morning? It is undeniably the best natural drink that cleanses your stomach. It is used in cooking by Indians just to give that eternal aroma to the food. It has been used in the beauty world for a long time ago which is rich in nutrition and antioxidant content in general. Curry leaves are the most important component of face and hair products. No matter if you intake it or applied it directly to your hair or face, it works actively and results in wonderful skin tone and good hair growth.

CORIANDER SEEDS: Ever since Indus Valley Civilization, the favorable seeds will be helpful in aiding the pimples, acne, and other such skin-related issues. It is due to the presence of antiseptic properties, the traditionally used coriander seeds are helpful in stimulating the growth of the hair and stops hair fall.

Just enjoy the delicate beauty by using nature’s products!

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