6 Most Beguiling Tips To Get The Most Beautiful Sexy Lips


The curves of your lips rewrite history! – Oscar Wilde.

A make-up is incomplete without the glossy lips. No woman will get out of the house without the glossy and shining lips. It was once the trend in the beauty world of the women but later it dragged down by the lipstick, liquid lipstick, and other smudges. Yet Lip gloss turns back to its form and many women have started using it to make their lips look shiny and glossy all day. The lip gloss not only provides you the glossy lips but also most of them are designed to be smudge-proof and long-lasting. As of now, the trend of glossy lips assures to provide natural and healthy glossy lips to the women using them. Here are the simple tips to get perfect glossy lips.

PREP YOUR LIPS: Ladies! Just start by prepping your lips! If in case, your lips have dead skin cells or cracked lips, then scrub it with cotton dipped in hot water or just use a toothbrush to scrub your lips. Just massage the lip scrub all over your lips for about two to three minutes and then rinse it off well.

ENSURE YOUR LIPS ARE SOFT: The second step is to make sure that your lips are soft enough by applying Vaseline gel or any petroleum jelly on your lips to get rid of the dryness. And thus it makes your lips more soft and supple.

APPLY LIP BALM: Apply lip balm of your favorite choice and leave it to settle for about two to three minutes. As lip balm acts as a foundation for a lip gloss, the lip balm should be thick enough to stay longer. Hence, the lip balm helps in spreading the lip gloss evenly on your lips.

SPLOTCH THE EXCESS OF LIP BALM: The next step is when you are done with applying lip balm, you must take a tissue to splotch out the extra amount of lip balm on your lips which you have applied. This splotch can prevent lipstick from bleeding and makes the application process easier and comfortable.

USE LIP LINER: Just use a lip liner to define your lip shape. It is up to you to use lip pencil or lip liner on your lip. Start by applying from the center of the upper lip and then draw it till the corner and on the lower lip too. It defines the perfect shape of your lip.

USE LIP GLOSS: Finally, apply lip gloss on your lips and you should apply it carefully on your lip so that it can spread all over lips. Thus, it gives the perfect glossy lips for you when it is applied perfectly in all means.

Have a stunning look along with the glossy lips all day!

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