6 Phenomenal Beauty Benefits of Onion Juice You Never Knew Before

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You all might know that onions are super-healthy for your body, right? Well, drinking the extract of this amazing veggie would help you feel better bodily but what could be more? Fortunately, you could never go without onions any day so you do not rush out for purchasing them until it you have to. Have you ever thought of onions being beneficial for enhancing your beauty side? Using onion juice for both your hair and skin is an ancient practice though. So, bring back that centuries-old practice and make the most out of it. So, you just gotta extract the juice from onions by blending the sliced onions and apply them to your hair. And when it comes to skin, you could try your own face pack kind or mixture to get the desired look. As of now, let’s check out the beauty benefits of onion juice.

CLEANSES THE SKIN: When you go for onions to get that ultimate purification, it would definitely help you by flushing out the toxins or wastes from the skin. When it has undergone detoxification, then your skin would be glowing and healthy as well.

STIMULATES THE PRODUCTION OF COLLAGEN: Did you know that bulb-shaped onions would improve your collagen production? Only when the collagen production is healthy, you would the healthy-looking skin and hair as well. The proper collagen production would curb skin issues, infections and develops healthy hair growth by controlling hair fall. So, go for it!

SLOW DOWN THE SIGNS OF PREMATURE AGING: The presence of sulfur-rich phytochemicals in the tears-triggering veggie would fight off those harmful free radicals which destroy the quality of your skin. It would in turn make your skin look aging. In this case, you could simply apply onion juice to your skin regularly to witness the changes on your skin. It would slow down the process of aging and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to protect the skin from being attacked by harmful free radicals.

ACTS AS A SHIELD TO PREVENT UV RAYS: Onions, being rich in minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins A, E, and C would be extremely beneficial in helping your skin when you step out of the house. The super-powerful nutrients would act as a shield to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. So, you would be enjoying hot and sunny summer days with the help of that onion treatment.

TREATS AND PREVENTS BREAKOUTS: Why would onions rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties? Well, they are nature’s perfect gift to treat and manage breakout on your skin.

TREATS GREY HAIR: By applying an onion solution to your hair and massaging it gently to your scalp and leaving it for a few minutes, it would get a better result if you are worried about those annoying grey strands. Well, do not leave the mixture as it is, just kidding, you gotta wash it off with mild shampoo. So, you might see your desired result when you use it regularly.

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