Roses, lavenders, mint, and other plants could be great in their fragrance. All these plants could do their best for you in skin health and never leave you to succumb to redness and irritation. Having mentioned it, deep down the heart, you all wish for that impeccable and healthy young skin. This means that the cues of premature ageing or ageing could scare you, right? Well, you do not need to spend your money instead you could go to your garden and make use of the plants blooming there.

You have a solution at your home as nature is next to you always and so it is great to pick plants that work well as anti-ageing plants. Since NATURE is like your elder sister, you could always receive a solution from HER. So, let’s check out the following anti-ageing plants you would love to add to your beauty routine.


Popularly known for its miraculous benefits for health and beauty front, Aloe vera has found its permanent place in many houses. If you are lacking green space, then you could found it easily when you step out of your house. When you topically use aloe vera gel, it could increase the health of your skin naturally. It could address skin issues such as irritation, dullness, sunburn and enhances the firmness of the skin. This is why it comes under the best anti-ageing plants as it offers supple and glowing skin.


Otherwise known as the ‘Botox plant, this bright-red flower is used as a traditional home remedy for both hair and skin issues. With essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, hibiscus would work great as an anti-ageing agent. So, prepare some face masks using hibiscus to enjoy the supple and flawless skin.

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Symbolizing love and romance, roses are an indispensable flower in everyone’s life. This beautiful flower not only improves your mood but also takes care of your skin health. It would moisturize your dry skin and eases irritation and redness with the help of anti-inflammatory properties. When used as a lotion or toner, rose extract or oil could even the skin tone thereby preventing the ageing appearance of the skin.


Cucumbers could be easily grown at home when you fix them in right place under the sun. If not buy fresh cucumbers to feed your skin, it could reduce the effects of ageing with the help of compounds such as cucumerin and cucurbitacins. So, you could either add it to your diet or apply it topically to enjoy healthy, hydrating skin.

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Mint is often associated with health care but it would be equally beneficial for your skin as well. It cleans up the pores, destroys breakouts and itchy skin. Moreover, the presence of vitamin A in it could be reinforcing the skin tissues and minimizes oil production. When you choose mint to treat your skin, it would definitely turn out to be your anti-ageing partner for your life.

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