How To Make Smokey Eyes That Look Right?

Smokey Eyes have the power to make you look the best in a room. Do you know how eye makeup starts to look smokey? You must have seen it very well in the ads of cosmetic shops online. It requires more than one eyeshadow shade. One creates dimension, and the others are for color blocking. There are a few things to consider if you want to get your Smokey Eye right. Let’s help you with those.

Things To Know Before You Start Your Smokey Eye Makeup
You should know a few things before you jump into the Smokey Eye makeup:

● Keep the darkest point at the lash line. It makes the eye look even more attractive. It also makes the makeup look fresh. However, before you buy an eyeshadow palette, look up for the reviews in the cosmetic shop online.
● Use an eyeliner after eyeshadow. Keep the number of eyeshadows limited to 3 only.
● Keep the right brushes with you. If you do not have the correct ones, you will end up with improperly blended eyeshadow.

How To Start With The Smokey Eye?

It is not as complicated as it seems. Here is your step-to-step guide:
1. Prepare The Base
Whenever you are planning to create an eye look, use an eyeshadow primer as the base.
2. Choose The Colours And Start Applying
Pick the colors that you will use to get your Smokey Eye look. After that, apply the mid-tone eyeshadow all over your eyelids. Try to choose Grey or Brown for a subtle Smokey base.
3. Keep The Things From Your Beauty Products List Ready
Keep the products to be used readily. Use a liner entirely on the lash line. Try your best to coat the eyeliner properly. After that, use an eyeshadow brush to smoke it out. Do this before it settles in.
4. Final Layer
After you are done with the base, light eyeshadow, and liner, use the darkest shade to cover it up and give it a Smokey look.
5. Final Touch
After everything, get some other makeup out of the beauty products list and use them. Use Mascara to make your eyelashes longer and thicker. This will give it the final effect.

Let’s Introduce You To A Cheat Code

Start with applying all the eyeshadow on your eyes and then start blending it towards the outer part of your eyes. Then, go for a gel eyeliner and smudge it with a small brush.

Key Takeaways

Here are the best tips for you to keep in mind before starting your Smokey Eye makeup, how to go about it, and a cheat code. Make sure to look closely at all the points and get the best Smokey Eye look ever. The most useful tip is to use different eyeshadows on your eye. Also, you can take a look at the tutorials provided by several makeup enthusiasts. You can always add a bit of sparkle to your makeup and make it shiny.

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