Natural Ways To Remove Dark Circles At Home: Men and Women

Dark circles are not serious medical or skin conditions. Thus no need to worry much. But if you feel that slight discoloration under your eyes is a discomfort; then we have some tips for you. For this, you must know the causes of dark circles too! First of all, the basic reason for dark circles is tiredness and exhaustion. Most of the time, aging also causes dark under-eye circles. Regardless of the type of skin you have or the good habits you practice, veins will eventually start to show through the skin around your eyes. This is because the skin naturally loses collagen with time and becomes thinner. One of the main factors influencing this is our genes. Sometimes even the best remedies can’t alter your genetic makeup.

There are both clinical and natural remedies to get rid of these dark circles. Here, we give you some natural tips and tricks for both men and women to avoid dark circles. Check out the natural ways to remove dark circles at home.

How To Get Rid of Dark Circles?

As we said, one of the main reasons for dark circles is exhaustion. Thus a good 8 hrs of sleep is the first step to avoiding dark circles. Another common reason is sun damage. Not only aging but also exposure to the sun can fasten the process of collagen breakdown. Thus wearing sunscreen is the first and foremost skin care tip for both men and women. Sometimes allergies and alcohol consumption could also be the reason for this. Thus conscious dieting is a must.

Before moving to natural remedies, let us remember the fact that the skin under our eyes is very sensitive. Thus avoid harsh ingredients.

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Cold Milk

Cold Milk

One of the best and easiest natural remedies is applying cold milk. Milk contains lactic acid. This is effective against dark circles and can also lessen wrinkles and fine lines. Cold milk also has vitamin A (retinoid). Thus it also has the ability to brighten your undereye skin. Apply a milk-soaked cotton ball under your eyes and rest it for 15 minutes. For better results, repeat at least three times a week.


Potatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, which is a wonderful antioxidant for the skin. Also, the enzymes in potatoes can aid in the removal of dead skin cells. This will eventually give your skin a revitalized and radiant appearance. For dark circles, you can grate a piece of potato and squeeze the juice out of it. Apply this juice for 10 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.


This is one of the famous remedies for all those with tired eyes. Place a thin slice of ice-cold cucumber on your eyes. You can leave this for 10 to 15 minutes for better results. This can instantly reduce eye puffiness and can take tiredness away from your face. Cucumbers also have a moisturizing impact when the eyes get dry. Thus in long term, they can also control dark circles. Moreover, cucumber also has some mild astringent and skin-lightening properties.

Tea Bags

Green tea is a well-known source of antioxidants. Also, most of our regular tea bags have some caffeine as well. This caffeine can temporarily lessen under-eye bags by constricting blood vessels and relaxing the skin. Thus these small bags of caffeine and antioxidants act as an excellent remedy for dark circles. Soak your tea bags in water and refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes. Then place them under your eyes as a cold compress.

Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Almond oil can lighten your under-eye as well as takes care of under-eye puffiness. This is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They also have other ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin K, and retinol in them. Thus it can help maintain the delicate skin around your eyes without irritating it. Almond oil also aids in constricting the enlarged blood vessels that are responsible for discoloration. You can also mix it with other ingredients like aloe vera juice or vitamin E oil for better results.

Best Ways To Avoid Dark Circles

Dark circles are often controlled with the help of cold compresses beneath the eyes. Also, other tips like elevating the head while sleeping, and obtaining enough sleep are some basic ways.
Some other checklists are as follows:

● First and foremost, your diet is important. Sometimes iron deficiency can also cause tired and dark under-eyes. Thus focus more on foods rich in vitamin C and iron.

● Stay hydrated with the help of water, juices, and other fluids. In most cases, dehydration can also be a serious cause of dark circles.

● Apart from that, basic skincare is also important. Sometimes, a simple moisturizer can do a great job. Also, as mentioned earlier, use sunscreen on a regular basis.

● Most importantly remove your eye makeup before sleep and do not rub your eyes often. Always be gentle with the skin around your eyes.

● Furthermore, you can also use creams and concealers to cover up your dark circles if needed. In case of any serious discomfort, do visit a dermatologist.

For some people, hydration, sleep, and diet can do wonders. For some, cold compresses and home remedies can work as well. Thus find what suits you and your skin and follow those tips.

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