Natural Ways to Treat Postpartum Hair fall

The things women go through during and after pregnancy are a lot. After giving birth to a beautiful baby, a lot of women don’t just go into motherhood like everyone expects them to. They experience postpartum depression, hair fall, and so many other things after giving birth. And thanks to the constant awareness, society finally acknowledges these things as real. If you have just given birth to your lovely little one and are experiencing postpartum hair fall, you are not alone. You don’t need to be alarmed by the amount of shedding happening.

Postpartum hair fall is a completely normal thing that happens to almost all women after pregnancy. The reason for the higher amount of hair fall after delivery is because during pregnancy your estrogen levels will be higher than usual. Your blood volume will also be raised in the pregnancy stage. After the delivery, your body will be adjusting to normal levels of these things and that results in a much larger amount of hair shedding after delivery. This usually goes away in three to six months from the delivery date.

But with the stress and worrying of taking care of a newborn child, it can be a bit too hard. You might find yourself in a position where it is not easy to be relaxed with the child. So the stress and lack of sleep might affect this postpartum hair fall condition even more. However, there are things you can try to manage this postpartum hair fall. Let’s take a look at what you can do, shall we?

Natural ways to treat postpartum hair fall:
Massage your scalp with warm oil:

Choose oils like pure coconut, olive, almond, etc. to treat your hair during the postpartum hair fall treatment. Try to warm your oil a bit before massaging it on your scalp every day. Don’t heat the oil too much. Lukewarm is more than fine. Do this method especially when you are washing your hair on the same day. Take at least 10 mins to slowly massage your scalp with the oil and then wash the hair.

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Choose a plant-based and SLS & Paraben free shampoo:

Don’t stick with the same shampoo you were using before you started to experience hair fall. A lot of researchers recommend plant-based shampoos that don’t contain SLS and Paraben for any kind of hair fall treatment. These types of shampoos do not have harmful chemicals in them that might further damage your hair for good. Hence research on your own or talk to your doctor to choose the best SLS and Paraben-free shampoo for your hair.

Make sure to get enough protein:

Your diet is just as important as other things when it comes to treating hair fall. So make sure to get enough protein in your everyday meals. Always include eggs in your diet as much as possible. You can consume at least one egg every day. A lot of people also recommend using eggs for your hair as a mask. You can try that method if you don’t mind the foul smell of the egg in the hair before washing.

Try a new haircut:

Since you are shedding a lot, this might be time to get a short yet beautiful haircut style that you have been wanting for so long. Ask your stylist to recommend which haircut will be perfect to make your look voluminous during this time. Oh, and make sure to stay away from the hair styling tools like heat straighteners for some time. They can cause more damage to your hair during postpartum hair fall.

Talk to a doctor about supplements:

If you have your family doctor who could recommend you some hair supplements, do that. They can advise which of the supplements will be right for your hair.

To conclude, try to be positive. Don’t put too much on yourself and your hair because of this postpartum hair fall. Create a healthy lifestyle and stick to it and your hair will go back to being completely normal.

If you have any more tips on how to handle postpartum hair fall, let us know about it below!

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