‘Pehnava’ an exclusive two day shopping


Shuba Jagan presented ‘Pehnava’ an exclusive two day shopping extravaganza on 4th & 5th September 2019. Happening at Amethyst, the exhibition was open from 11 am to 8 pm.

The two day shopping extravaganza saw twenty five brands and designers from across India coming to Chennai for the first time and showcased the best of the products. This edition of the exhibition also showcased everything from silk sarees, lehangas, bridal dresses to jewellery, home décor, skin care, bakes and much more.  Amithya an exclusive clothing brand from Lucknow will showcase Traditional Lucknowi Chikankari work. Bcos Its Silver, a one of a kind silver jewellery brand will be displaying their latest Silver collection. Style Aura Healing Therapy, another jewellery brand from Bangalore will showcase their semi-precious natural healing stone jewellery. Narration Western Clothing Brand from Jaipur will showcase the latest trends in the world of styling and fashion.

This edition, Pehnava will be extra special as we focus on social issues and we are teaming up with ‘Raise the Voice’, an NGO that raises awareness for Global Warming, along with education of girl child and much more. Full proceeds from this edition of Pehnava will go to this NGO and the amazing work they do. The focus this time will also be on looking your best and that to within a budget. All of us love to look like our favorite stars but it’s almost impossible to do so for an average middle class person given how expensive the high end brands are. But at this exhibition of Pehnava we have wonderful selection of clothing brands that will help you look like your favorite star and that to without breaking the bank”, said Shuba Jagan, curator of Pehnava.  


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