Unusual Nail Colours To Try On To Glam-up!

Manicures are now considered a self-care routine for the majority of women. Everyone changes their nail colours depending on how they’re feeling, where they’re going, who they’re meeting, and so on. However, nail colours can be enjoyable to experiment with and explore new colours for no apparent reason. If you’ve been looking for some unique nail colours to try on your nails for fun, keep reading. We discovered some extraordinary nail colours that we rarely see people wearing and compiled a list in this blog.

Unique Nail colours to try on for fun:
Cool Grey

If you’re tired of painting your nails in bright colours, this would be a good one to start with. This nail colour isn’t particularly bright or shiny. You can, however, make it sparkle by doing some nail art. If you are not into nail arts, this cool grey would be ideal for black-coloured outfits. It’s also one of the best nail colours to wear in the winter because it gives off a warm and cosy vibe.

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Oxblood has the appearance of maroon, but it is much darker. It has a hint of red and maroon mixed in with it and appears to be a dark blood colour. This will be ideal for Halloween parties or dark-coloured outfits. The majority of people we’ve seen wearing this nail colour did so during the winter. However, you can wear it whenever you want because the point is to have fun while doing it.

Pure White

Pure white nail polish has recently gained popularity. Most teenagers wear this nail colour to school, and many people wear it to high-class parties. To make this nail colour stand out, try some cool nail art in black or other dark colours. Many people who have an elegant style wear mismatched nail colours by combining basic colours such as pink and blue with pure white.


Emerald is one of the most daring nail colours you’ll ever see. It is ideal for galas and other events that require formal attire. If you plan on attending any red carpets or premieres in the future, you can also try this nail colour. Because this nail colour isn’t appropriate for casual outfits, try to pair it with some lovely dresses.

Mexican Sand

One of the best things to try for an elegant look is sand-coloured nail colours with a glittery finish. You can wear this nail colour with a variety of cute and cosy outfits. It also looks great with casual outfits such as shorts and crop tops.

Vampy Brown

Vampy Brown is now one of the nail colours you should use if you want to achieve a mysterious look. This is yet another nail colour that would be ideal for high-end parties and gatherings. You can accessorise it with minimal accessories to achieve a mysterious yet beautiful look on your nails.

These are some of the unique nail colours we’ve recently discovered. If you want to stand out in a crowd of people wearing basic and neutral colours, try these nail colours.

Tell us your favourite nail polish colours, for which, you could stop falling for!

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