Wonderful Ways to Use Potato for Your Skin and Hair

Nourishing your skin and hair with the help of natural ingredients is a whole lot of new rejuvenation which you would be grateful for. When it comes to veggies, potatoes could do their part in repairing the affected skin and hair health. The extract from potato or potato juice would do its magic for improving the health of the skin. While this is well-known to many, there are still wonderful ways to use potatoes for your skin and hair which you could have missed. What it would be like when you wake up to the blissful glowing skin and bouncy healthy locks of hair? That hits different, right? Well, let’s check out the wonderful ways to use potatoes for your skin and hair.


Waking up to dark spots would not be your style, right? Well, here is the better way to reduce the dark spots and stubborn scars. All you have to do is to mix a teaspoon of honey and potato juice (required amount) and apply it to the affected area. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off. This works because of the bleaching properties.


Popping up acne would not be cute but makes you fretful. To treat acne, you could simply clean the whole face with the help of applying potato juice. It would work well as a toner though. When your skin is cleaned and free of dirt and acne, it would automatically be glowing as well.

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This is an obvious benefit of using a potato. Potato could be the best and natural way to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. All you have to do is to refrigerate a few slices of potato and place them over your eyes. Just lay back, listen to some music, and relax thereby experiencing the soothing effect of the potato. The presence of vitamin C would erase the dark circles and vanishes the puffy eyes.


Who else would not love flaunting their day with shiny locks of hair? To make it work on your hair, you have to boil some potatoes and peel them out. Now, use the water to rinse your hair so that you would get lustrous and shiny hair locks.


Being a victim of hair fall and clueless about how to stop it. Then, why not trying potatoes, a staple veggie in your household? All you have to do is to blend potato juice and aloe vera gel and use it to massage the scalp. Then, comb it through the end of the hair strands to make it work intensely. It works great due to the presence of starch in the veggie which would nourish the hair follicles. It would strengthen the strands of the hair as well.

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