Yardley London emerges as the fastest growing talcum powder brand in Kerala and Tamil Nadu


Yardley’s Talcum Powder range has emerged as the fastest growing talcum powder brand in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. As per the Nielsen data, Yardley Talc grew 25% annually in Kerala to become the second largest selling talc brand with a 13% market share. The Talc category in Kerala grew a mere 3%.  In Tamil Nadu, Yardley Talc registered a 10% growth when the market grew only 4%.

Manish Vyas, Vice President & Business Head – Yardley, Wipro Consumer Care, said, “. Yardley London is 249 years old brand available across the world. It is known for its finest ingredients and fragrances. Young women consumers in India prefer Yardley Talcum powder for its finer quality and fragrance, which helps them remain fresh longer. Wider availability and affordable pack-sizes  has helped in the rapid growth of the brand in our strong markets like Kerala and Tamil Nadu.”

Yardley talc has a range of products for both women and  men. The women’s range includes the classic English Lavender, English Rose, Jasmine, Red rose, Morning Dew,  and Sandalwood talc. Men’s range has Yardley Gentleman, Yardley Elegance and Yardley Gold.

Established in 1770, Yardley is one of the world’s oldest living brands in the personal care category with fragrance, bath & shower and skin care products. It is a premium priced brand and is one of the few personal care brands which holds prestigious Royal Warrants. Over the years, Yardley of London is loved and admired for its beautiful floral fragrances that are timeless classics worn by women of all ages.



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