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DIVINE SEXUALITY: Ecstatic Love Beyond The Physical Activity

DIVINE SEXUALITY: Ecstatic Love Beyond The Physical Activity


Could you not believe that sex makes men touch the divine?

Well, it is possible through the feel-happy hormone which is released during sex.

Apparently, sex is a part of a relationship and it is considered to be the form of art. It relaxes our mind and wipes out the spider-webs in our mind which we are stressed about in our everyday life. Sex is a doorway to get yourself relieved from the stress and ego and this is where you get out of the real world.  This is because we do not worry about the past or the future whereas we just focus on the present moment. Sex acts as a rescuer from all boundaries and separateness and thus becoming one which unites the two souls. However, sexual desire is the energy which lights up your new life and bonding yourself with love is known to be the energy to live a happy and satisfying life. Thus, Sex is considered to be a divine thing.

Sex or Lovemaking has the power to drag human beings from ego or stress and to rise above the challenges of earthly life and helps in touching the point of divinity. But this only lasts for the exact moment when you are together with your partner. This is how sex acts as a few-hours doorway where you could have a sneak peek of the land of utopia. Here is where you come across the worldly obstacles and where there is no ego and no time. Nevertheless, there would only be the presence of union and creativity.  This is how sex turns out to be a spiritual awakening. You could make it permanent by making it every day which is a blissful thing in your life.

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Still, could you not believe sex as a divine thing? Well, a study has revealed that sex hormone or feel-happy hormone makes you touch the divinity, especially in men it seems. Even so, Researchers stated that men who are consumed with the hormone are more likely to express the importance of spirituality in their lives and realize the purpose and meaning of their lives. It is also considered that the role of a feel-happy hormone, oxytocin is released during the time of lovemaking or sex that literally enhances the social bonding, trust and also altruism. It occurs naturally in the human body. Meanwhile, stated by the researcher by name Cappellen, “Oxytocin appears to be part of the way our bodies support spiritual beliefs”.  This is how scientifically the human body enhancing the spiritual experiences through sex.

Spiritual sex is something beyond the physical attraction and it adds much more fun to your life. Though it is a glimpse of an imaginary land, it makes you present in the present moment of life by removing the worries of the past and future. This act itself makes you feel the touch of divinity the very moment. Although it is a very temporal one, you could make it permanent by indulging in sexual activities in the upcoming tomorrows. Howbeit, researchers stated that spirituality and meditation are connected with the well-being and health of a person. Similarly, spiritual awakening works in the person during the lovemaking as well.

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