4 Remarkable Kollywood Movies that Portray the Best Father-Daughter Bond

Certain movies have an impactful plot and still cling to our heart. There are movies that manifest the different types of parenting and parenthood. Similarly, we have several Kollywood movies that depict the importance of parenting or the relationship between the parents and their child. So, we’ve covered some of the fantabulous Kollywood movies that includes fathers who support and encourage their child in every way they can. Let’s check out the Kollywood movies that portray the best father-daughter bond.

Abhiyum Naanum:

Abhiyum Naanum

Trisha-starrer Abhiyum Naanum portrays a beautiful relationship between Raghuraman and Abhi. Prakash Raj as Raghuraman cares for his daughter in every way. He supports and encourages Abhi’s dreams and goals in life. Although he cannot let her go study in Delhi due to his love towards her, Raghuraman, eventually understands her career goals and let her go. Abhi’s father depicts the modern and healthy father-daughter relationship to the world. The character Raghuraman, of course, is friendly and gives her daughter every chance of open communication. He stands by his daughter’s right deeds at all aspects.

Abhiyum Naanum is definitely a watch and it is one of the indelible movies of all time.

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Thanga Meenkal:

This 2013 movie is all about a father’s unconditional love towards his daughter. Director Ram, who portrays as Kalyani, wishes his daughter, Chellamma, played by Sanchana, to be happy. Regardless of being a poor laborer, Kalyani wants to make her daughter happy no matter what. He takes a job far away to buy a charming pug dog which his daughter asks for. The movie sheds light on the struggles of a father to meet ends and to see her daughter happy. The National award-winning song, ‘Ananda Yazhai’ is from this movie. Thanga Meenkal is an unmissable movie that everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.

Deiva Thirumagal:

Deiva Thirumagal

Chiyaan Vikram-starrer ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, is a remarkable movie in Tamil Cinema. Vikram who plays a differently-abled father in the movie, exhibits himself as a loving and caring father to his daughter, Nila. His innocence, love, vulnerability and responsibility make him an ideal dad. Besides being separated from his daughter, Vikram as Krishna gets every opportunity to meet his daughter.

The character Krishna stands as a symbol of power of love. Towards the end of the movie, the extraordinary bond between a father and a child is portrayed clearly. And one cannot help but being emotional while watching the climax of the film. Though both Krishna and Nila are allowed live together, Krishna knows what is good for her daughter. Deiva Thirumagal is a timeless movie that cannot be missed.

Kannathil Muthamital:

Madhavan as Thiruchelvan in Kannathil Muthamittal is an embodiment of love, compassion and support. Despite being an adoptive father, Thiru understands his daughter, Amudha’s quest for meeting her biological mother. So, he takes his daughter selflessly on a journey of searching her mother in a war-torn Sri Lanka. This is a masterpiece of Kollywood to watch and celebrate the bond of father-daughter anytime around the year.

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