5 Best shows to watch right now in 2021

You may have already read a lot of blogs and articles looking for some amazing shows to watch these days. If you are ending up here after searching for some good shows to watch on Netflix or any other platforms, you are in the right place. Read on to find the best 5 shows that are not recommended by a lot of people but are amazing and worth binge-watching right now.

Here the 5 amazing shows to watch right now

The Arrow

Arrow tells the story of a reformed playboy and a billionaire, Oliver Queen and how survives after being stranded on a deserted island for five years. The character is played by the actor, Stephen Amell. After surviving and returning home, Oliver Queen decides to take on the responsibility of saving his city as a vigilante. The show portrays the redemption arc of Oliver, his family drama, how he transforms and manages himself as a citizen and as a vigilante.
Action-packed with tons of amazing stunt and fight scenes, Arrow is sometimes seen as the face of CW’s Batman.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Considered as one of the best shows ever made by many fans, Avatar is an American-animated show set in a beautiful world where certain people can bend the basic five elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. The show revolves around Aang, a 12-year old monk who is also ‘The Avatar’, and his friends and how they manage to stop the war. Although it is a kids show, Avatar is something that adults seem to love more than the kids because of the topic touched within.
This show also has a sequel named ‘The Legend Of Korra’ that is set in a different timeline of the same world.

The Haunting of Hill House

Based on a novel written by Shirley Jackson, this show is about 5 siblings confronting or trying to confront the ghosts of the past. This Horrorshow is set in the iconic Hill house in America where the siblings grew up together and lost a sibling by suicide when they were young. Even after becoming adults, they are forced to finally confront and make peace with the events that happened in their past.

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The Punisher

This action-fiction revolves around Frank Castle, a former marine, who takes revenge on the people who killed his family. But after killing everyone who he believed to be behind his family’s death, he discovers a deeper connection and conspiracy that leads all the way to the people he trusts. The show portrays how he takes on the enemies as a vigilante with the help of his best friend, Billy Russo and more people as time passes.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

One of the popular animated shows among the fans of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, this show is set in the time gap between the first series and How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie. The show explores tons of secrets and powers that Hiccup and his friends discover and try to keep the dragon hunters from holding.

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