5 Kollywood Actors who transformed from Television Personalities to Stars

The Indian film industry is a special force in the world of entertainment. Each regional industry adds its own distinct flavour. Among them, Kollywood, the Tamil cinema industry, has over the years seen a fascinating trend. Actors on television are increasingly making the jump to being legitimate movie stars. In addition to giving the industry a fascinating new dynamic, this transition has created chances for people from a variety of backgrounds. A long-time stepping stone for aspiring actors has been television. It gave them a stage on which to demonstrate their abilities and achieve attention.

Not only have these actors won over audiences through their television roles, but they have also successfully entered the cinema industry, establishing a place for themselves and rising to celebrity status. In this blog, we shall look into the lives of outstanding individuals. They have successfully transitioned from television to being adored stars in Kollywood. So, let’s begin straight away, shall we?

Kollywood Actors who transformed from Television Personalities to Stars:
Vijay Sethupathi

In the Tamil cinema business, the name Vijay Sethupathi has now come to represent diversity and success. But did you know that he entered Kollywood after leaving his television career with dedication and pure talent? Sethupathi built a name for himself in the television industry before becoming well-known. He gave numerous outstanding performances, enthralling audiences with his acting talent. The critically acclaimed 2010 film “Thenmerku Paruvakaatru” served as his debut in the Tamil cinema business. Both spectators and critics were impressed by his performance.

The movie “Pizza,” which was released in 2012, was Vijay Sethupathi’s big break. This thriller, which Karthik Subbaraj directed, catapulted him into the spotlight and made him a force to be reckoned with in Kollywood. Vijay Sethupathi is now a true Kollywood star. He is respected for his commitment to his art, his adaptability, and his knack for selecting strong scripts.

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Nayanthara, frequently referred to as the “Lady Superstar” of the Tamil film industry, is a prime example of an actor who made a seamless transition from the television sector to a key position in Kollywood. Nayanthara started her career in the entertainment business as a model, appearing in a number of commercials. She next entered the television industry with the Malayalam serial “Manassinakkare.” Nayanthara made her cinematic debut in the Tamil language in 2003 with the movie “Ayya.” Her part in the critically praised movie “Chandramukhi” is what made her famous.

Nayanthara’s Kollywood career immediately began to soar after that. She immediately rose to the top of the actress rankings in the business. The films “Ghajini,” “Billa,” and “Raja Rani” all helped to further highlight her skills and solidify her position as a leading lady.


Sivakarthikeyan is a well-known name in the Tamil cinema industry. Millions of fans all around Tamil Nadu have fallen in love with Sivakarthikeyan because of his inherent charisma, comedic timing, and sympathetic on-screen demeanour. Initially, Sivakarthikeyan worked as a television host. He was hosting well-liked programmes that displayed his wit, humour, and capacity for audience engagement. His contagious enthusiasm and kind demeanour rapidly made him a fan favourite. In 2012, he made his acting debut in the film “Marina,” directed by Pandiraj. His big break came with the R. S. Durai Senthilkumar-helmed movie “Ethir Neechal” that same year.

The films that followed, such as “Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam,” “Maan Karate,” and “Kaaki Sattai,” further cemented Sivakarthikeyan’s status as a viable star in Kollywood. Sivakarthikeyan is currently regarded as a top actor in Tamil films. And his films continue to enjoy success at the box office and praise from critics.



Santhanam is a name synonymous with humour in the Tamil cinema industry. As a comedian, Santhanam first established himself in the television industry by enthralling audiences with a variety of shows. His debut in the Tamil film industry was made possible by his success on television. Santhanam made his film debut in 2002 with a supporting part in “Pesadha Kannum Pesume.” But it was his work with Silambarasan in the 2006 movie “Vallavan” that actually signalled his success.

Then, he appeared on-screen alongside notable actors like Vijay, Ajith, and Suriya and gave standout performances. He now plays the lead roles instead of just being a comedic actor. Even though not many people approve of his chosen route, he is still on it and has no plans to give up any time soon.

Aishwarya Rajesh

Actress Aishwarya Rajesh has talent and versatility. She has made a spectacular transition from the Tamil cinema industry to television. As a television host, Aishwarya Rajesh launched her career in the entertainment sector by hosting a variety of shows and events. Her engaging demeanour and capacity for audience engagement made her a well-known face on television. In G. Kicha’s 2010 Tamil film “Neethana Avan,” Aishwarya Rajesh made her acting debut. But it was her portrayal of a brave and tough peasant girl in the critically praised film “Attakathi” (2012) that really put her on the map.

Her commitment to reality and honesty in her performances is one of Aishwarya Rajesh’s remarkable acting talents. With each successive project, she received critical praise and cemented her status as a leading actress in Tamil cinema.

In conclusion, the actors from Kollywood who made the leap from television to celebrity are proof of their talent. From Vijay Sethupathi to Nayanthara, Sivakarthikeyan to Santhanam, and Aishwarya Rajesh, these actors have effectively established their mark in Kollywood. Let us remember that their travels are a homage to the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of the entertainment industry. These actors’ remarkable talent and passion have enhanced the world of cinema. They have left an unforgettable impact on the hearts of audiences.

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